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Talkdesk enables Tuft & Needle to elevate industry customer experience standards

Tuft & Needle leverages reliable, easy-to-use and scalable Talkdesk enterprise cloud contact center to enhance customer experience and disrupt the mattress retail industry

SAN FRANCISCO, January 29, 2019 — Talkdesk, the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises, was chosen by Tuft & Needle as its customer support platform. The online mattress retailer brought an innovative approach to the mattress purchasing process and was quickly successful in gaining market share and disrupting their static industry. With a customer-centric approach and strong focus on providing great experiences to the modern customer, Tuft & Needle chose Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center for its progressive, cloud-native architecture and agile scalability to meet the needs of their fast-growing team.

“We are proud to be the contact center solutions provider for such an innovative and customer-committed company as Tuft & Needle,” said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk. “In the rapidly changing landscape that online retailers face, companies like Tuft & Needle who truly put their customers first through their actions, not just their words, are the companies that move their industries forward and rise above the competition.”

To offer their customers a first-rate customer experience, Tuft & Needle required comprehensive analysis tools to continually improve and refine their operations. Talkdesk’s advanced reporting and analytics offers a clear view of team performance, customer satisfaction and the overall quality of customer experience. Tuft & Needle utilizes three qualitative KPIs; teamwork, problem-solving and customer communication or empathy, to evaluate their customer service operations instantly and analyze the granular metrics within these three pillars to fine-tune their customer experience. Talkdesk offers easy and real-time access to the valuable business intelligence needed for Tuft & Needle to put their customers first.

“The mattress shopping experience has not traditionally been favorable to the customer. We sought to set ourselves apart through a customer-centric approach with a strong focus on customer experience,” said Aaron Bata, Head of Customer Experience at Tuft & Needle. “Tuft & Needle chose Talkdesk not just because the technology was an excellent fit for our needs, but because the customer-centricity that is a core value of Talkdesk aligned with our values at Tuft & Needle.”

When evaluating solution providers, Tuft & Needle recognized the key component to elite customer experience is a reliable conduit between the company and its customers. Due to a strong reputation for reliability, recently underscored with a 100% Uptime SLA, Talkdesk emerged as the clear contact center solution for Tuft & Needle.

“Talkdesk is an excellent partner for Tuft & Needle, helping us deliver better customer experience through a clear and reliable connection with our customers,” continued Bata. “Their industry standard for uptime, and consistent product innovations have helped us grow as a business and cement our ability to provide the best customer experience in the mattress industry.”

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