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The cost of loss: Why you need security built into your platform

By João Safara

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The Real Cost of Downtime

When we think of nefarious actors attacking our systems, we think of phishing emails or suspicious ads. The reality of it is, however, much larger and often more menacing. From social engineering to malware, the possibility of a data breach is constantly lurking in both personal and organizational spaces.

Back in 2019, the estimated cost of a data breach was anywhere from $1.25 million to $8.19 million, depending on the country and industry. Obviously, protecting your data is a vital step in avoiding unnecessary financial losses as well as maintaining a  reputable business and a good customer relationship.

Some countermeasures can help mitigate this issue, the most obvious one being technology. Companies with security automation technologies deployed have shown to experience around half the cost of a breach compared to those that did not have these same technologies.

Let’s walk through the recommended responses to help boost your cybersecurity program.

Take a second look at your investment

Investing in security might seem a bit tricky because if the system works flawlessly, it won’t increase profits or change the bottom line. Instead, this investment is about protecting your money and your business. Your investment in cybersecurity should consider the probability of a data breach within a year and the cost of appropriate technological solutions to help evade such a breach. The benefits of making the right investment will see the light of day in the long run. Check out more about return on security investment (ROSI) here.

7 Cost Saving Ideas For Your Call Center Checklist

7 Cost-Saving Ideas for Your Call Center

Download this checklist for seven cost-saving ideas that will help you:

  • Put your current tech and staff spendings into perspective
  • Deploy smart cost-cutting tools and strategies in the contact center
  • Deliver great CX, no matter how tight financial constraints may be.

Deploy the appropriate software

Speaking of technological solutions, you’ll want to look for tools infused with powerful AI capabilities that will automate the work of monitoring your security. AI-infused software allows you to remotely and proactively monitor all things security in your contact center. You can track activity in real time through the usage of automated dashboards or get alerts when activity seems to go off track so you can step in before a breach occurs.

Integrating systems using cloud technologies will also go a long way. Securely connecting your cloud contact center provider with existing CRM systems is not only a great way to quickly access historical customer data but a safe way to share information. Cloud solutions help you gather data from multiple sources and provide secure access in a matter of seconds, taking the weight of security concerns off of your agents’ shoulders.

Think thoroughly about your provider of choice

Your cloud contact center provider will be key to ensure you meet security expectations and focus on cost-saving strategies that extend beyond the possibility of a data breach. Especially in a remote or hybrid environment where the staff is more vulnerable to security threats, providers should make sure that operations continue to run smoothly at all times.

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