New, exciting SPIFF for channel partners!

Talkdesk is excited to announce a Q2 promotion for channel partners! Effective May 1, 2023, partners can earn 2x, 4x, or 6x commissions on qualified opportunities through July 31, 2023!

Eligible opportunities will qualify for a one-time payout based on the average MRR of Talkdesk core + Talkdesk add-on licenses and Talkdesk bundles. Cloud Distributor partners must register an approved opportunity through the Talkdesk partner portal.
A 36-month term contract is required and the SPIFF applies to new logos and initial contract commitments.

Deals closed by July 31, 2023 are eligible for the following:

10+ Talkdesk core licenses or named/contracted bundles = 2X SPIFF (MAX $50K)

50+ Talkdesk core licenses or named/contracted bundles = 4X SPIFF (MAX $100K)

250+ Talkdesk core licenses or named/contracted bundles = 6X SPIFF (MAX $250K)

Talkdesk Partners

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum 36 month term.
  • New logo opportunities only.
  • Opportunity must be registered, approved, and accepted through the Talkdesk partner portal to qualify.
  • Eligible only on the initial contract commitment signed by the customer (no expansions, cross-sells, add-on contracts, or renewals).
  • Paid as a multiplier of the average MRR for the Talkdesk services.
  • Qualifying Products include Talkdesk core licenses, Talkdesk add-ons, and Talkdesk bundles. Excludes xConnect, AppConnect products, and Usage (telco charges & product usage).
  • Minimum Talkdesk core license seat count of 10.
  • Standard rules of engagement and payment of commissions under current partner agreement apply.
  • SPIFF is paid upfront after customer signs contract.
  • Talkdesk reserves the right to reduce or negotiate the value of the spiff to be paid based on special pricing provided to the customer.
  • SPIFF may not apply or may be capped for any transactions completed through AWS Marketplace. Partner should engage their Talkdesk Partner Manager/Director for any questions around spiffs for MP transactions.
  • SPIFF is only applicable on partner sourced & registered/accepted opps, it is not applicable on any opportunity the partner is added to including PowerPlay opportunities.

Register an opportunity today!

Or, contact your Regional Channel Manager for more details.