“Tools like Talkdesk not only provide a better experience for the agents, but also provide a better experience for our customers.”

LaKeisha Square, Sr. Customer Experience Specialist

Support Use Case

Zendesk Integration

Getting better customer service mileage with Talkdesk

As one of America’s most popular online car shopping destinations, Edmunds eliminates many of the negative aspects of car buying by helping you find your perfect car and connecting you with dealers in your area. The website offers a variety of services including pricing calculators, unbiased car reviews and a Live Help available seven days a week.

Since switching to Talkdesk in early 2015, the Edmunds support team has noticed an increase in their ability to offer high quality phone support. There has been a drastic improvement in call quality, and Talkdesk’s cloud-based functionality enables the team to work out of different locations across the United States.

To learn more about how Edmunds delivers high quality phone support to their users with Talkdesk, download the case study now.

the Case Study

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