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Who benefits from an AI-powered knowledge base?

By Taylor Johnson

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In my previous blog, I took you through the key characteristics of a true AI-powered knowledge base. Now, we’re going to dive into the different stakeholders within and outside of the contact center who will benefit from this evolution of the traditional knowledge base, and how you can use it to transform your customer experience. 

A true AI-powered knowledge base benefits:


The way customers prefer to interact with the companies they do business with has drastically changed. An increasing number of customers prefer to use self-service channels to get their questions answered, and they want that information delivered in a truly personalized way. By analyzing the context of customer requests, an AI-powered knowledge base delivers more relevant content to customers on their own terms, providing a truly personalized self-service experience. Not limited to a specific interface, it leverages both traditional websites and conversational self-service tools like virtual agents, chatbots and employee or customer communities to make information as easily accessible as possible.


When customers initiate a live interaction from a self-service session, your contact center agents benefit from the same knowledge base content your customers rely on. Rather than spending valuable time hunting for information, agent assistants transcribe calls in real time, identifying key words and phrases that generate knowledge base article recommendations to agents, helping them provide answers to customers’ requests faster and more effectively. This drives significant return on investment (ROI) by reducing agent training time and improving First Call Resolution (FCR), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Average Handle Time (AHT).

Knowledge Base Administrators

Knowledge base admins realize the same benefits from an AI-powered solution. Intelligent recommendations signal which articles need updating and how, helping admins scale their knowledge base faster without jeopardizing the quality of their articles. Robust reporting delivers insights around which articles are being used the most and how effective they are in providing customers and agents the information they’re looking for. While content gaps are a problem with traditional knowledge bases, AI-powered solutions quickly identify which topics are missing, helping admins focus on creating new content that will deliver the most impact.

Embracing the advantages of customer self-service isn’t simply reliant upon adopting a new tool, but partnering with a vendor with a clearly defined phased approach to leverage AI as the new paradigm in CX strategy for your contact center. Look for a vendor with a growth mindset, a clearly defined roadmap and a vision of how its offering will help you achieve CX success by harnessing the power of AI.

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