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Maximize Contact Center Efficiency: Empower Peak Performance With AI-powered Assistance

Maximize Contact Center Efficiency Empower Peak Performance With Ai Powered Assistance

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Modernizing productivity and empowering agents with advanced tools and technologies is crucial for contact centers to meet customer expectations, reduce costs, ensure scalability, and increase overall efficiency.

In this session, we explore the tools that drive these outcomes and hear from Talkdesk customer, Ken Cohen of JK Moving Services, on how they’ve implemented Talkdesk Agent Assist and Virtual Agent to help their agents resolve customer queries quickly and correctly.

Join this session to learn how JK Moving Services:

  • Increased sales conversion rate by 26%
  • Decreased average handle time by 14%
  • Increased hiring from non-industry specific hires by 33%
  • Reduced the average training time by 25%


Devon Mychal Headshot Speaker
Devon Mychal

Senior Director of Product Marketing at Talkdesk

Ken Cohen Headshot
Ken Cohen

Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at JK Moving

Paul Odwyer Purple Opentalk
Paul O'Dwyer

AI Strategic Sales Specialist at Talkdesk