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The largest online eyewear retailer. set out to disrupt the traditional eyewear industry with a mission to help everyone see better by offering a wide variety of high-quality frames and lenses from designer and house brands at affordable prices. Having helped over 2 million eyes see better, operates in over 92 countries, making affordable glasses accessible for anyone in need of vision correction.

"I have an innate fear of mediocrity. As a competitive athlete and coach my entire life, it is hard for me to settle when it comes to achieving KPIs. Thankfully, with Talkdesk, I don't have to. I can better manage my teams and easily pivot when necessary. If your company or CX team is truly customer-centric, your focus should be on the customer with everything you do, which should determine your objectives and KPIs. Talkdesk enables everyone to keep the focus on what matters: the customer."

Doron Pryluk SVP of Customer Experience at Glasses USA parent company Optimax

Before implementing Talkdesk CX Cloud™, couldn’t track, measure, or save data from voice calls, and managing incoming calls was chaotic.

With Talkdesk, teams can now review feedback much faster than they could before. Live reporting allows global teams to stay on top of call activity, and the capability to easily export, download, and aggregate data helps to make better business decisions.

Talkdesk Studio™  “drag and drop” easily allows for complex IVR changes. Dispositions provide valuable data to see trends and friction points across tens of thousands of calls, helping improve self-service options.

In the first year since deploying Talkdesk, pickup rate has increased to 90%, handle time has significantly decreased (in turn saving hundreds of hours per month), and customer satisfaction has significantly increased.

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Hear directly from the VP of Customer Experience at Glasses USA.