3 automations to implement (today) to increase the efficiency of your contact center

3 Automatisations Mettre En Place Dès Aujourdhui Dans Votre Centre De Contact

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The modern world is changing rapidly, often in unexpected ways. Customers expect quick, accurate and immediate answers. So how can we empower your Contact Center to meet these challenges? The use of automated or AI-based mechanisms often sounds like a complex and costly implementation, leaving the control of the human and the involvement of the call center agents behind. However, adapted solutions already exist with rapid benefits.

Simon Desvergez, Business Solutions Engineer at Talkdesk, reveals the secrets to great customer experience in a fast-paced world!

Watch the webinar, “3 Automations to Implement in Your Contact Center Today”, where Simon will cover the following topics:

  • Uncover why customers call: spot the patterns
  • Find new ways of serving customers, faster
  • Learn how the big brands use speech and text technology to analyse interactions

Note: this webinar is in French.


Simon Desvergez
Simon Desvergez

Ingénieur Solutions Entreprise