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Avetta Moves Hundreds of Agents to Talkdesk for Improved Reliability and Salesforce Integration

By Liz Pedro

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"I would definitely recommend Talkdesk. They have a lot of different features and functionality that allow us to be successful as a contact center."

Spencer Petty, Manager of Supplier Operations, Avetta

Recently recognized by Forbes, which said, “Avetta has created one of the strongest—perhaps the very strongest—networks of supplier organizations”, Avetta is quickly becoming a top choice for many companies looking to improve their business and to avoid risk. Avetta is a supply chain risk management company focused on connecting the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, contractors and vendors. Avetta brings unmatched visibility to companies through cloud-based technology and human insight.

Avetta is in more than 100 countries including Australia, Canada, The United Kingdom and the United States, and has 60,000 customers. As a large global company, Avetta is dependent on their contact center solution. They faced many challenges, such as reliability, with their previous contact center

“We often experienced outages, which would affect our customers and productivity,” explains Spencer Petty, Manager of Supplier Operations at Avetta. “We found that the integration with our CRM with our previous partner led to challenges with our reporting and metrics, and those are key things that drive a contact center.”

For Avetta, choosing the right partner for their contact center solution was fundamental to their success. “The key criteria in finding a new partner really stems for us around the customer experience. We recognized that with any platform, there are challenges or things to overcome. But it’s how the partner responds to those challenges, and stands out to us, that is the biggest point for us.”

They started researching vendors with the criteria of high-quality customer support, better reliability and CRM integration to allow for accurate reporting to help drive their success. “We found that Talkdesk was quick to respond, and we find that in the sales cycle, you can gauge how well they are going to respond when you’re a customer. And if they’re quick in the sales cycle and responding, you’re often going to get better customer service,” shares Spencer. “Any time we had questions, or if we needed more information, they were very reassuring that they would take care of us—not only throughout the sales process but as customers as well.”

Discover Talkdesk for Salesforce

Avetta depends on Salesforce to manage customer information for 60,000 customers. Talkdesk with Salesforce provides a seamless integration that allows agents to work from one unified application. Agents also have more personal insight about the customers who are calling, which not only improves customer service but also speeds up the call. Admins can easily and quickly add Talkdesk licenses and assign user permission sets without ever leaving Salesforce. Other benefits of Talkdesk for Salesforce include powerful omnichannel integration, comprehensive historical reports, native real-time reporting and intelligent routing configuration.

“The integration with Salesforce is a big win for us and allows us to understand the volume that is coming into our contact center and how we can handle that volume appropriately,” explains Spencer.

With Talkdesk, Avetta has seen many benefits that have helped them improve the customer experience they provide. “Right away after implementing Talkdesk we’ve seen our reliability go up,” shares Spencer. “Additionally, our agents have given rave reviews. They love the clean interface and the fact that it’s integrated with our CRM. Talkdesk helps us provide better customer experience by providing key real-time insights into our metrics.”

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