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24h to shift to WFH

Making care continuity the forefront of their business.

MEDFAR Clinical Solutions is the fastest-growing electronic medical record (EMR) provider in Canada. Its EMR solutions, MYLE for general practitioners and PLEXIA for specialists, allow physicians to focus on a richer patient-physician relationship by simplifying the clerical and administrative tasks of daily medical practice. Today, MEDFAR supports more than 20,000 healthcare workers and 1,500 medical clinics across Canada.


  • Lacked visibility into key call center metrics
  • Quick shift to remote work needed while ensuring care continuity

MEDFAR’s previous contact center system offered no visibility into call statistics, reporting or the ability to analyze its operational efficiency. From a technical support perspective, their agents could not work from home as they had to go through several manual steps and, in some cases, IT support was needed just to log on.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought its own unique set of challenges. In the early days, MEDFAR was in a balancing act. Given the critical health services that the company provides and experiencing a 30% increase in user calls, MEDFAR had to ensure care continuity while protecting employees.

"Doctors and nurses are soldiers on the front line, so care continuity is critical. But we could not compromise the health of our own employees either. We didn’t think WFH for our contact center agents was possible, but we knew we had to do it."

Elias Farah, Chief Executive Officer and President, MEDFAR Clinical Solutions


  • All employees moved to WFH within 24 hours with Talkdesk
  • Statistics and reporting capabilities led to increased efficiency in customer service operations

Migrating to Talkdesk, MEDFAR moved all their healthcare call center agents to WFH within 24 hours. Employees from other departments also received training to use Talkdesk and within 15-20 minutes were able to start answering client calls.

MEDFAR monitored agent productivity and responsiveness through Talkdesk advanced reporting and ensured care continuity to the highest standards of client experience. It also gave their team visibility into important call center metrics such as call volume, average handle time (AHT) and average speed of answer (ASA). With insights into crucial business intelligence, MEDFAR can instantly react to call volume changes, identify areas of improvement and look ahead to set proper service levels with advanced forecasting.

MEDFAR’s customer service operations also improved with Talkdesk integration with Salesforce, enabling call logs to be stored. As a result, their customer experience team has information readily available when a customer calls in, allowing them to pick up where the last conversation ended.

"Using Talkdesk pushed our employees to use capabilities which they never used before. This was possible because Talkdesk is super easy to use and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce."

Elias Farah, Chief Executive Officer and President, MEDFAR Clinical Solutions


  • 93% decreased average speed of answer
  • A complete shift to WFH within 24 hours
  • 15-20 minutes to onboard agents and other employees so they could answer client calls using Talkdesk
  • MEDFAR met all the service-level agreements (SLAs) while shifting to remote work
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce CRM
  • Talkdesk allowed employees to log in on time without issues or delays