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5 stages to launch next-gen CX for the post-pandemic healthcare consumer

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5 Stages To Next Gen Cx For Healthcare Consumers

Healthcare cloud contact centers should inspire patient loyalty, drive retention and lead HCOs to provide better patient experience

The pandemic disrupted healthcare services everywhere. Those with a healthcare cloud contact center as part of their care continuity plans had the agility to move their workforces home with minimal disruption to the patient. A number of large healthcare organizations (HCOs), including at least one Fortune 100 company, moved rapidly to the cloud to ensure care that they could continue to deliver vital healthcare services.

Those without solid plans, or those who were stuck with legacy on-premises or first-generation call centers, had a more difficult time.

Most healthcare call centers had to scramble to set up a remote or hybrid-remote workforce while still focusing on meeting patients’ needs in a crisis. Uncertainty and change competed with trying to ensure care continuity. And as many legacy healthcare call centers found out, once a crisis hits and the need to maintain care continuity at all costs arises, you’ll wish you had moved to the cloud sooner.

Care continuity is the process by which patients and physician-led care teams cooperate in ongoing health care management toward the shared goal of high quality, cost-effective medical care over time. It starts with having technology and processes in place that support built-in agility and scalability.

One of the first steps to ensure care continuity in the future, as well as consistently great CX for the post-pandemic healthcare consumer, is to move to the cloud. If you’re not there yet, now is the time to make the transition. But, there’s more to it than just moving to the cloud.

Health systems around the world are recognizing the importance of innovations spurred by the pandemic. Stephen Klasko, MD. President and CEO of Jefferson Health (Philadelphia) told Becker Hospital Review that, “this is healthcare’s Amazon moment. If you are a provider and think you’re going to go back to your business model solely being based on hospital revenue and not relevant to people who want care at home, I think you will be out of business. If you’re an insurer and think you can just be the middleman between the hospital and the patient, you’ll be irrelevant. If hospitals believe that innovation can be just this cute little thing that they do in the background, but the real business is just getting heads in beds, they’re nuts. I think we were always wondering what the big disruption would be that got us to join the consumer revolution, and I think this is it.”

Disruption can either destroy you or make you better.

Change is constant. Now is the perfect time to look at how your contact center—and your technology, processes and people—needs to change to become better than ever. 

You have the opportunity to create a contact center that inspires patient loyalty, drives retention and leads your HCO to a better patient experience. With a proactive approach, you can equip your healthcare cloud contact center and secure your patient experience before the unexpected forces change again.

The 5 Stages of Building a Resilient Healthcare Contact Center offers a guide to not only survive the COVID-19 pandemic but to thrive as well. In this ebook, we introduce the five stages to modernize your healthcare cloud contact center:

  1. Tackle: What do we need to change?
  2. Transition: How will we change it?
  3. Transform: Make the change
  4. Transcend: Leverage the benefits of change
  5. Thrive: Deliver seamless, exceptional CX for patients every day

Download the ebook and explore these five stages to modernize your contact center and successfully transform patient experience along this path.

The 5 Stages Of Building A Resilient Healthcare Contact Center


The 5 Stages of Building a Resilient Healthcare Contact Center


Abdul Rastagar Blog Author

Abdul Rastagar

Abdul Rastagar is director of healthcare & life sciences solutions at Talkdesk. He has 15+ years of experience navigating the intersection of technology and healthcare at some of the most innovative and leading organizations in the world, as well as numerous years working directly in the healthcare industry. Abdul is an advocate for using technology to enable a better customer experience and improve health outcomes.