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Running a virtual call center: The technical challenges for IT

Garry Ovenell

By Garry Ovenell

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Virtual Call Center It Challenges

When business as usual was disrupted in the customer service sector due to COVID-19, IT leaders turned to their business continuity plans to keep operations running. As the name implies, these plans include guidelines and procedures for reacting to potentially critical events that jeopardize business operations.

In some cases, however, these plans were better suited for short-term disruptions, such as the closure of a building, a temporary network outage or the absence of a significant part of the workforce due to sudden illness.

As the pandemic continues and fully remote operations become “the new normal”, organizations must reevaluate their virtual call center approach and determine the best strategy for its implementation.

Enterprises must consider the implications of a full-time transition from a physical to a virtual contact center. IT leaders not only need to maintain operations and guarantee access to systems from outside the company’s network, they must do so without compromising service quality. This requires new discussions that may include the tech stack challenges of remote work, the strategic implications of moving to virtual call center software, the impact on contact center costs and an eventual decision that will affect operations in the long-term.

The white paper Running a Virtual Call Center: The Technical Challenges for IT seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What are the pros and cons of the most common methods for enabling a virtual call center?
  • How to evaluate the viability of a virtual contact center as a long-term strategy?
  • How to present unprecedented value to business stakeholders at a reasonable cost?
  • Why moving to the cloud is a strategic decision for future-proofing an organization?

Click below to download and explore multiple methods of enabling a virtual contact center.

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Running a virtual call center: the technical challenges for IT


Garry Ovenell

Garry Ovenell

Garry Ovenell is Manager of the Sales Engineering team across EMEA at Talkdesk. Garry has more than 20 years of experience working in IT and Customer Experience driving customer value at both small and larger enterprises. He is passionate about his customer's needs and enjoys seeing the success in their technology investments.