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How can your agents work from anywhere?

By Anya Syulina

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Recent events connected to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have highlighted the importance of having tools in place to support rapid contingency plans and business agility. We realize companies are facing two simultaneous challenges — supporting employees’ safety and well-being while ensuring business continuity for customers. At Talkdesk®, we envision a modern contact center that empowers agents to engage with customers any time, anywhere, using any device.

Talkdesk’s Conversations Mobile App application can help

We developed the Conversations Mobile App app to enable companies to support an agile, mobile workforce that’s equipped to work remotely, part-time, or after hours, without sacrificing service quality.

In light of current events, we’re temporarily expanding our Conversations Mobile App offering to every Talkdesk customer to help your businesses continue to operate and provide the best customer service.

What is Conversations Mobile App?

Conversations Mobile App is Talkdesk’s native mobile contact center app, available on iOS and Android. It’s designed to enable your customer service agents and sales representatives to handle both inbound and outbound calls anytime, anywhere. Conversations Mobile App extends the availability of your team and provides greater staffing flexibility by making it easy to support after-hours, part-time, and remote work.

How can Conversations Mobile App help business continuity?

Conversations Mobile App is a powerful tool designed to provide your teams with greater flexibility, so that they can continue to deliver quality customer service and meet SLAs — even when they need to work remotely. It enables agents and representatives to make and take calls from a dedicated mobile application that is fully integrated with Talkdesk’s reporting and analytics suite, so managers and supervisors can track their team’s performance just as effectively as they can when agents are working in a call center.

As many organizations are forced into work-from-home (WFH) scenarios seemingly overnight, procuring and distributing hardware like laptops and headsets can be expensive and logistically challenging. Conversations Mobile App makes it easy to get remote agents up and running fast, even if you can’t provision them with hardware immediately. The ability for agents to take calls from anywhere using their own mobile devices can also help contact centers deal with unexpected surges in customer demand more effectively. Now you can support agents that work part-time and flex them into shifts to help manage your call queues, without committing the resources required to equip them with laptops. 

How do agents get started with Conversations Mobile App?

Talkdesk’s Conversations Mobile App app is available for download for free on iOS and Android. We offer a three-step hassle-free implementation, where customers just need to download the app, log in with their Talkdesk credentials and use it, as easy and intuitive as our desktop version.

Where can I go to learn more?

You can visit our Conversations Mobile App page to request a demo and chat with one of our specialists, or click to register for a live demonstration below.

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