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Forrester Finds Over 340% ROI for Enterprise Customer After Switching to Talkdesk

By Alison Jarris

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In March 2018, Forrester Consulting completed The Total Economic Impact™ of Talkdesk, a commissioned study that gives an in-depth look at the financial impact Talkdesk realized for our customer, a leading internet services provider with thousands of customers, millions of end users and over 250 customer support agents. Forrester found a notable 346% ROI after the customer switched from a first-generation cloud contact center to Talkdesk.

To determine Talkdesk’s economic impact, benefits, costs and risks, Forrester interviewed a Talkdesk customer, a leading internet services provider with thousands of customers and millions of end users with over 250 customer support agents. Based on the data gathered, Forrester found the company realized overall benefits of $7.2 million comprised of the following:

  • $5.6 million saved through improved agent occupancy rates, which eliminated need for additional contact center agents. Occupancy rate increase was directly attributed to the Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform improving application reliability and support
  • $1.2 million saved in research and development costs by implementing Talkdesk’s easy-to-use, out-of-the-box solution
  • Lowered customer acquisition costs by nearly $500,000 through improved customer satisfaction and retention rates

Before moving to Talkdesk, the surveyed company was using a first-generation cloud contact center application. The system was unreliable and plagued with numerous outages, leading to low NPS scores, low agent occupancy and lost revenue. After an extensive vendor search and technology review, the company selected Talkdesk to provide a reliable communications platform, which seamlessly integrated to their CRM system and provided the flexibility to quickly adapt as their customer service needs evolve.

“Forrester has done a remarkable job quantifying the acute benefits that Talkdesk delivers to our current customers as well as any company looking to improve their customer experience,” said Tiago Paiva, Talkdesk CEO. “In this study, Forrester found an astonishing 346% ROI and three month payback period after a large enterprise customer made the transition to Talkdesk from another contact center platform. We’re excited to share the results of this study, so that other companies can quantify the tangible value of improving their customer experience.”

Quantified benefits:

  • Avoided hiring additional contact center agents through improved agent occupancy rates, for a savings of $5.5 million. Customer was able to improve their agent occupancy rates from 65% to 85% with Talkdesk attributed to Talkdesk’s improved application reliability and support.
  • Avoided investing $1.2 million in internally developed and maintained solution. With Talkdesk’s out-of-the-box solution and support, the customer avoided investing $1.2 million in developing their own contact center platform.
  • Improved churn rates, reducing customer acquisition costs. Talkdesk played an integral role in reducing customer churn rates, which helped the customer avoid customer acquisition costs of $478,408. Talkdesk helped the organization cut down on wait times and implement features such as queue callback, which greatly improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Unquantified benefits:

  • Improved NPS scores by 19 points. Talkdesk was a primary component in improving customer experience for the interviewed organization.
  • Ability to experiment with new customer engagement initiatives. Talkdesk worked with the organization to try new customer engagement initiatives by understanding what their key business imperatives were and developing tools for achieving them.
  • Improved call quality. The organization reported that call quality improved when using Talkdesk, with reduced latency and jitter.

Download the complete Forrester TEI study to learn more about the value provided to this organization by switching to Talkdesk.

The Total Economic Impact of the Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform


Alison Jarris

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