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New Feature: Personalized Greetings and Messages

By Shauna Geraghty

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Personalized Greetings and Messages

Your phone greetings and pre-recorded messages influence the customer experience and how customers view your company. With Talkdesk’s personalized greetings and messages, you can ensure that every interaction with your company is unique, professional and informative. Make a good impression the first time and every time with Talkdesk.

Talkdesk’s greetings and messages are easy to configure and can be changed at any time. You can upload a pre-recorded greeting, create your own, use our standard greetings or type in a message and Talkdesk will automatically convert it to an audio file. You can configure your greetings and messages so that they are different for each situation (i.e. waiting queues, welcome greetings, voicemails, etc.), phone number and IVR prompt.

With Talkdesk’s personalized greetings and messages, you can improve your company’s professionalism and enhance the customer experience.


Below are the top three advantages of using Talkdesk’s personalized greetings and messages:

Increase professionalism

You can create professional greetings and messages so your customers and prospects are impressed each time they call your company. Make a lasting impression every time with Talkdesk’s personalized greetings and messages.

Enhance the customer experience

Customers are used to waiting in call center queues, waiting on hold and waiting to be transferred but that doesn’t mean you can’t make their experience more enjoyable. You can choose from different hold music options, or upload your own. You can record a waiting queue message that will make them laugh or take the edge off. Go the extra mile for your customers by making their waiting experience more enjoyable.

Promote your company while they wait

If your customers have to wait, why not make it a useful experience. You can record upcoming promotions, useful information or special offers to play to the customers while they wait. Take advantage of the time you have with your customers with Talkdesk’s personalized greetings and messages.

Greeting types

Talkdesk has many greeting types and each can be customized according to your business needs.

  • Welcome greeting – the first greeting the caller hears
  • Available agents greeting – what the caller hears when they are routed to an available agent
  • Waiting message – what the caller hears when they are in the waiting queue
  • Voicemail message – the general voicemail greeting the caller hears
  • Outside business hours – what the caller hears when they call the phone number outside of business hours
  • Delay announcement – what the caller hears every two minutes that they are in the waiting queue
  • Full waiting queue message – what the caller hears when the waiting queue is full
  • Queue callback message – what the caller hears when they request a callback from the queue
  • Max wait time reached message – what the caller hears when they have been waiting in the call queue for the maximum amount of time

To setup a personalized greeting or message, please follow these directions:

  • Log in as an “Admin”
  • Click on the “Admin” tab on the top right of the dashboard
  • Click on “Numbers” on the left side bar and select the phone number you would like to configure
  • You can configure the welcome message and the other phone greetings by clicking on the “Greetings” section
  • You can configure the IVR greeting and prompts by clicking on the “IVR” section


Shauna Geraghty

As the first U.S. employee, Shauna helped to scale Talkdesk to over 1,000 employees in 7 offices globally. During her tenure, she has built Talkdesk's Marketing, Talent and HR functions from the ground up. Shauna has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has applied foundational knowledge from the field of psychology to help propel Talkdesk along its hyper-growth trajectory.