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Farfetch designs a happier, more agile global customer service team.

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Talkdesk for Salesforce


↑ 25% Customer Satisfaction
↓ Handling/resolution times > 50%

The global destination for modern luxury.

Farfetch’s mission is to be the global platform for luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators, and consumers. The Farfetch marketplace connects customers in over 190 countries and territories with items from over 1,400 of the world’s best brands, boutiques and department stores. Operating in 12 languages across 10 offices.

« Je suis un fervent défenseur de l'utilisation de l'automatisation pour améliorer les capacités humaines. Nous avons élargi notre utilisation des fonctionnalités de l'IA et de l'automatisation de Talkdesk, telles que Talkdesk Agent Assist. Les nouveaux téléconseillers peuvent être confrontés à une courbe d'apprentissage importante au cours des 30 premiers jours de leur nouvel emploi : Agent Assist offre aux téléconseillers des conseils et des informations en temps réel en fonction de leur conversation avec un client. Cela permet aux nouveaux téléconseillers de se sentir plus soutenus et de rester motivés. »

André Cavaco Leitão Global Director, Workforce Optimization chez Farfetch

Farfetch faced many challenges highlighting their need for scalable solutions. Service and quality issues with their contact center sometimes experiencing audio delays of three or four seconds during customer calls, an unpleasant experience for customers and agents alike. Plus problems with expansion, as they couldn’t easily replicate their contact center systems in new countries.

Farfetch implemented Talkdesk CX Cloud™, Talkdesk Agent Assist™ and Talkdesk Studio™ solutions that remove complexity, ensure a strong return on investment and enable AI and automation as they scale. Supporting new agents, keeping them motivated and helping experienced agents improve agility, productivity. Ease of integrations such as Salesforce mean doing more with their data.

30% growth in workload, but only 12% increase in payroll, speaks to the improvements in productivity and scalability. Using Talkdesk lets agents work faster. Between 2018 and 2020, they saw cost efficiencies of around 40%—half of which can be attributed directly to Talkdesk.

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Farfetch What Would Life Be Like At Your Company If You Didnt Have Talkdesk
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Hear directly from the Global Director, Workforce Optimization at Farfetch.