Call monitoring software for an improved customer experience.

Listen to calls in real time, without interrupting the agent or caller, to ensure quality standards are being met and to provide coaching opportunities for continuous improvement.

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Call monitoring software for exceptional customer service.

Monitor your agents’ calls to gain valuable insight into the needs of your customers and make more informed business decisions using call monitoring software from Talkdesk. Talkdesk is entirely cloud-based so call monitoring is available any time you have Internet access. This makes it easy to ensure that your customers always have positive experiences and to train your agents from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based call center software with call monitoring gives you the tools you need to thrive and your agents and customers will succeed as a result.

Improve customer service quality.

Do you know what’s happening during inbound and outbound calls in your call center? Are each of your agents championing customer needs as well as possible, or could they use improved training and/or tools? Without using call monitoring software, answering these questions is just a guessing game. Agent performance directly leads to better customer satisfaction resulting in a better overall customer experience—a call with a helpful, friendly, and informative agent can make a huge difference for a customer who is trying to solve a problem or gather information.

But, it’s difficult to improve agent performance and provide better customer interactions without some form of quality assurance. A robust call monitoring system helps by enabling you to keep track of what happens during active calls. Talkdesk provides easy-to-use monitoring features, along with a central platform for managing call center operations.

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Improve agent coaching and training.

El monitoreo de llamadas le permite mejorar la capacitación y la orientación de los agentes. Al recopilar datos cuantitativos sobre el rendimiento de sus agentes, puede capacitar a los agentes de forma más eficaz, apoyar a los supervisores e implementar una garantía de calidad consistente. Además, puede utilizar grabaciones o llamadas en vivo de agentes excepcionales como un ejemplo a seguir para otros.

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Minimice la escalada al supervisor.

With clear-cut evidence of what ongoing calls look like, you can minimize supervisor escalation by preparing your agents for common questions and concerns. By minimizing supervisor escalation, you remove the pressure on supervisors to field as many escalated calls, better satisfy customers’ needs, and empower agents to take more responsibility in your call centers.

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Manage remote agents effectively.

In today’s distributed workplaces, call monitoring software also helps to manage remote agents. Because an increasing number of call centers are using a hybrid or fully remote model, it can become a challenge to monitor calls. After all, your agents are no longer in one easy-to-manage location but instead are making calls remotely. A call monitoring solution enables you to monitor your agents’ calls from a central, virtual location, and creates a more consistent experience across the board for your customers.

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Train new support agents quickly.

Replace manuals and lengthy training protocols by allowing new agents to monitor calls being handled by your most seasoned agents. With Talkdesk cloud contact center, you can train agents working from home or in the office while ensuring they meet quality standards.

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Only consider contact center solutions that provide the key features you need to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for. Our advanced call monitoring software offers the capabilities that empower supervisors by providing real-time assistance, ensuring agent performance improvement, and extracting valuable insights for better customer experiences.

Irrupción en llamadas.

With call barging, a third person can listen in on a conversation between an agent and a customer, and join the call, if needed. With this feature, customers can experience better continuity throughout the conversation, if another agent or supervisor needs to chime in. In addition, new agents can practice in real-world calls with the “safety net” of another team member or supervisor being on the line and able to take over if needed.

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In some situations, rather than simply monitor phone calls, a supervisor or trainer should take over a call rather than let an inexperienced agent navigate a difficult customer call. The call takeover feature allows instant call transfers, enabling the team member who is listening to the call to immediately take over the conversation and disconnect the agent.

¿Quién usa el software de monitoreo de llamadas?

El software de monitoreo de llamadas beneficia a varios de los miembros del equipo que supervisan y capacitan en un centro de llamadas. Esencialmente, proporciona datos de primera mano sobre los clientes de una organización y sus necesidades. Este tipo de información tan valiosa puede utilizarse en toda la empresa, no solo en el entorno del centro de llamadas.

Cómo puede ayudar Talkdesk.

With our cloud contact center solution, you can implement a quick, easy solution to better train each call center agent and improve customer experience. Our call recording software for customer support includes features such as live call monitoring, along with an interface for easily managing your call center remotely.

Talkdesk le permite supervisar fácilmente el rendimiento de los agentes para asegurarse de que se cumplen los estándares de calidad. Sólo tiene que hacer clic en "Monitorear llamada" en la llamada que desee y podrá escuchar inmediatamente sin que el agente o la persona que llama lo sepan. Esta herramienta le ayudará a garantizar una experiencia de cliente más positiva y a proporcionar a sus agentes información y asesoramiento basados en datos.

Managers can listen to any call in real time from their “Live Calls” dashboard. They can also escalate from silent monitoring to “barging in” to speak with all parties when necessary. This call center software feature is ideal for training new agents, resolving disputes effectively, and case collaboration to expedite problem-solving.

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Call monitoring enables call center managers to monitor each call center agent and their performance. By using call monitoring software to track inbound and outbound calls, managers can see their team’s performance firsthand, leading to better insights and more informed decisions.

Además, el software de monitoreo de llamadas suele incluir herramientas que:

  • Permiten que los supervisores o capacitadores utilicen el modo whisper en la capacitación de los agentes, sin interrumpir o interferir con la llamada real.
  • Permiten que la gerencia monitoree a todos los agentes del centro de llamadas en un lugar de trabajo distribuido y verifique la calidad de sus llamadas de forma remota.
  • Graban las llamadas en vivo para que los mejores agentes puedan utilizarse como ejemplos para la capacitación.
  • Asumen instantáneamente una llamada durante la capacitación, en caso de que una llamada pueda tener un impacto negativo en la relación con el cliente.
  • Utilizan ejemplos de la vida real para que las ventas/marketing dirijan sus esfuerzos y comprendan mejor por qué los clientes se comunican con los centros de llamadas de la organización.

In addition, call monitoring creates an improved customer experience by creating agent coaching opportunities. Well-trained call center employees will facilitate better conversations and problem-solving with customers on the other end. Plus, features for improved training minimize the chance of a customer having a bad experience with a new agent and not getting the information they seek, solely due to the agent’s inexperience.

In many cases it’s possible to legally record calls as long as certain practices are followed. Because of these specific parameters, extensive background research is needed to understand your industry’s legal requirements. Legal requirements often cover issues of participant consent, regulations about the storage of recordings, and the legality of pausing and resuming live recordings.

For more about compliance, see: Talkdesk GDPR Compliance and Talkdesk California Consumers Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance.

Call monitoring gives you a firsthand view of your contact center’s interactions with customers via phone calls. You will be able to better train agents, understand customer needs, and improve overall call center performance with the insights gained by call monitoring. Without it, you can only gain an incomplete picture of your center’s performance, through tactics such as word-of-mouth from agents’ peers and customer feedback.

This answer depends on the nature and industry of your call center. But it’s important to strategize how many calls are being monitored at a given time using a training program or scorecard system. Call quality monitoring software is best used alongside benchmarks and other internal resources to incentivize and reward good agent performance.

El monitoreo de llamadas permite que sus supervisores o capacitadores escuchen las llamadas, sin que el agente o el cliente lo sepan. Los parámetros legales, como notificar a los clientes que su llamada puede ser grabada y pedirles que acepten estas condiciones antes de proseguir con la conversación, evitan que cualquiera de estas prácticas cree problemas de legalidad. Nuestro sistema de monitoreo de llamadas también utiliza una interfaz para almacenar grabaciones de llamadas y gestionar el centro de llamadas desde un nivel general.

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