G2 Best Relationship Enterprise

Talkdesk ranks as the leader in G2’s Winter 2024 Enterprise Relationship Index, providing a better customer experience for all.

Customers who love their customers chose Talkdesk.

Ranked #1 in the Enterprise Relationship Index for Contact Center, Talkdesk transforms customer experiences and supercharges operational efficiencies with an AI-powered cloud contact center platform.

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To learn more about the Enterprise Relationship Index for Contact Center, check the full report.

About Talkdesk

Talkdesk® is a global AI-powered cloud contact center leader for enterprises of all sizes. Talkdesk CX Cloud and Industry Experience Clouds help enterprises deliver modern customer service their way. Our trusted, flexible, and innovative contact center platform leverages AI and automation to drive exceptional outcomes for their customers and improve the bottom line. Learn more and take a self-guided demo at www.talkdesk.com.