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Talkdesk announces enhancements to Explore and Studio for comprehensive business intelligence and easy customer journey customization

Products #6 and #7 of Talkdesk 20-in-20 offer new level of contact center customization to deliver greater business agility to address changing market conditions

  • Dynamic enhancements to Talkdesk Explore and Talkdesk Studio reduce dependency on IT resources and offer greater flexibility to adapt in potential crisis scenarios
  • Talkdesk Explore provides a 360-degree view of contact center operations with deep analysis of valuable business intelligence
  • Talkdesk Studio offers administrators a best-in-class, interactive flow designer for IVRs and call routing flows to easily customize the customer journey

SAN FRANCISCO — March 17, 2020 — Talkdesk®, Inc., the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises, unleashes the power of customization to evolve with fluctuating customer needs, changing market dynamics and deliver a differentiated customer experience. Powerful enhancements to Talkdesk Explore and Talkdesk Studio enables enterprises to reduce their dependency on information technology (IT) resources and create complex customizations through simple configuration on an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. 

Given the rapidly-changing business environment brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, customer needs and contact center volumes are shifting quickly and drastically. Agility in business, specifically customer service, is more important than ever. For businesses to successfully navigate the COVID-19 crisis, contact centers must be equipped with the proper tools & technology to facilitate quick and easy customizations to stay ahead of volume fluctuations and trends.

Many contact center platforms, both on-premises and first-generation cloud systems are cumbersome and complex, requiring skilled IT professionals to make call routing adjustments, customize an interactive voice response (IVR) menu or develop data visualizations. Companies often face the choice of taking up valuable time and effort away from internal IT teams or relying on vendor support with lengthy turnaround times. Studio Functions and Explore Functions provide businesses the tools needed to instantly customize interaction flows, contact center reports, dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs).

“Enterprises must move at the speed of business and easy customization is the key to staying in step with today’s changing market conditions. Despite this need for speed, legacy on-premises and first-generation cloud contact systems lack the flexible architecture to make quick changes and are reluctant to hand over the reigns of customization to their users,” said Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer, Talkdesk. “Built on a cloud-native, microservices architecture for speed, agility, scale and reliability, Talkdesk offers a flexible and adaptable platform to match evolving business needs with a high level of configuration done with ‘clicks, not code’ and options for deeper customization when and where needed.”

Talkdesk Explore is an AI-infused business intelligence tool, powered by Talkdesk iQ, with pre-built or fully customizable reports and dashboards to predict trends and identify opportunities to improve contact center performance. Through simple web-based configuration, Explore users can instantly build a customized view of operations to quickly identify the data needed to make the right decisions faster.

“We found that with Talkdesk, we had access to the data we needed and the agility to utilize its full potential,” said Bill Burch, vice president of customer service, Cherwell Software. “With Talkdesk, we’ve been able to identify certain patterns and trends that have made a significant impact on the service experience we provide to our clients.”

Enhancements to Talkdesk Explore strengthen enterprises with the power of a customized 360-degree view of the contact center to fine-tune their operations, increase efficiency and reduce costs. With a few clicks, users can also perform custom calculations and build formulas from a library of more than 900 values to analyze and report on any metric. These features bring a new level of analytical value to the Talkdesk platform, adding custom calculations and automating the number-crunching process and allowing users to focus on improving contact center performance.

Talkdesk Studio is a best-in-class, interactive flow designer for an omnichannel platform that allows administrators to quickly and easily design IVRs and routing flows in minutes by visualizing the exact flow structure and outcome at any stage. Talkdesk’s low-code editor, Studio Functions, opens the door to a truly customized enterprise-grade contact center. With countless customization options beyond Studio’s out-of-the-box design components, contact center administrators can simply point and click to design highly specific call flows that meet distinctive business needs. With Studio Functions enhancements, Talkdesk is transforming how companies manage call routing design to optimize customer journeys and deliver more efficient and friction-free experiences.

“Studio allowed us to revolutionize the way we set up our call journeys,” said David Whiteside, GM for London, onefinestay. “We are now able to seamlessly connect our guests and homeowners to the correct teams faster than ever before, all the while empowering our employees with the data they need to take appropriate action.”

Studio’s latest capabilities also include an HTTP Connector, which enables businesses to collect contextual information via data dips into any integrated system and use the information to provide better self-service in the IVR or route calls to the right agents. The HTTP Connector automatically passes this contextual data to agents, creating an efficient, effective and personalized customer experience.

Interaction routing and contact center analytics are both critical functions of any enterprise. The announcement of Explore custom calculations and Studio Functions demonstrates Talkdesk’s commitment to driving the contact center solutions industry forward through innovation by putting unparalleled control and flexibility in the hands of the user. Empowering enterprises to self-manage contact center performance and customize the customer journey sets Talkdesk as the contact center solution combining enterprise performance with consumer simplicity, enabling higher customer satisfaction, productivity and cost savings.

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