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Healthcare Software Provider Phreesia Unleashes the Potential of Its Support Team.

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Talkdesk for Salesforce


↓ Time spent talking with an agent by 30 seconds.
↓ In average handle time by up to two minutes

Your Partner in Streamlining Patient Intake and Registration.

Phreesia helps healthcare organizations automate registration, scheduling, and payments and supports patients in taking a more active role in their care. The company’s global support team is just over 200 people, with associates in the US, Canada, and India.

"We know that we can use Talkdesk to its full potential because we have the responsive, knowledgeable support of the Talkdesk team. Our Phreesia support team—and ultimately our clients—will be able to benefit from being more productive and efficient as a result."

Habib Abou-Hamad Vice President of Services and Support

Phreesia’s prior contact center solution lacked functionality which hindered its support team’s ability to quickly and effectively serve patients.

Talkdesk CX Cloud™, combined with Talkdesk Salesforce integration and smart Studio lookup function, agents can access all case data stored in Salesforce, so they can get straight to the customer’s issue the moment they connect. They also implemented the smart routing feature, which is based on data about customers and the products they use.

Time matters over the course of a day. With Smart routing, average handle time decreased by up to two minutes, and time spent talking with an agent decreased by 30 seconds. Being more efficient means they can assist more of their clients so that they get back to caring for their patients.

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