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LegalShield’s Three Lessons for Propelling CX Forward.

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↑ Service levels improved by 4%
↓ Lowered Call transfer rate by 5%
↓ Reduced abandoned call rate to 3.5%

Afford Legal Help Does Exist.

For over 50 years, LegalShield has been providing affordable legal services to millions of people. Today, the company serves more than 1.7 million members and 140,000 businesses across the U.S. and Canada.

"There is significantly better self-serve capability with Talkdesk, which has shortened the time from making changes to seeing the impact in our operations."

Pat Patterson CIO, LegalShield

LegalShield needed a better product and a better partnership to do right by their customers. LegalShield’s CX team always strives to go above and beyond for members, but they didn’t always have the support they needed from their technology partner.

The LegalShield team reviewed many solutions on the market, and Talkdesk CX Cloud™ rose to the top. Talkdesk’s omni channel capabilities and innovative features in the product roadmap sealed the deal.  LegalShield adopted Talkdesk Customer Experience Analytics, Proactive Outbound Engagement™, and Quality Management™. LegalShield also uses Talkdesk Digital Engagement™ through integrations with Talkdesk AppConnect™ solutions, OmniChannel, and Calabrio Workforce Management. In choosing Talkdesk, they put the right people in place, and with the right people in the right place, LegalShield can push their CX forward and deliver the most value to their members.

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Hear directly from the CIO at LegalShield.