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The EmployBridge company mission is simple: find great jobs for great people. What started many years ago as a vision to connect job-seekers to the right employer for their skillset, has grown into a best-in-class staffing enterprise. EmployBridge matches more than 400,000 employees in over 12,000 companies annually. To do so, they rely on teams in three contact center locations to expertly handle over 5 million interactions each year.

"Talkdesk si concentra sulla costruzione di un futuro, ma non a spese dei clienti attuali. Non solo ci ascolta, ma agisce in base al nostro feedback e alle nostre idee. Con Talkdesk abbiamo trovato un vero partner commerciale."

Dale Sturgill, VP of Call Center Operations

Frustrated by the lack of support from their previous provider, Sturgill and his team wasted no time researching and interviewing eight different contact center solutions. After conducting a thorough evaluation of Talkdesk’s technology, product roadmap and investment in R&D, EmployBridge selected Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center to simplify and rebuild their current contact center model. As the team pinpoints opportunity for efficiency, Talkdesk Agent Assist will be at the forefront of their strategy.

Talkdesk Customer EmployBridge

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