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Warning: This will change the way you provide customer service forever

By Anya Syulina

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Workspace And Builder

A customizable workspace interface can change employee experience and help you deliver better customer experiences.

Every working day I open my laptop and see 64 tabs opened in my browser. It’s 13 different tools and 61 files that I either work on or need to do my work every day. Sometimes I have to open these tabs one by one to find exactly what I need because there are so many open that it doesn’t show the names of the tabs anymore! Sometimes it happens during calls, and I feel embarrassed because I might look disorganized, but there is simply no way to join all these tools and tabs in one place.

The same situation happens in a contact center regardless of the role. Through a series of focus groups, organizations continually told us their agents had to use six or seven different CX applications to service a single customer. That continual everyday friction of moving back and forth between applications is an obvious drag on productivity and on profitability—directly impacting customer satisfaction (CSAT), average handle time (AHT), or first contact resolution (FCR).

It’s pretty typical that training on all those applications will take almost a month. Add to this the level of agent churn in the industry, and it seems there is no chance for contact centers to get out of this fatal loop.

There is a better way, though.

A perfect combination of simplicity, efficiency, and personalization.

Earlier this year, we launched Talkdesk Workspace—a unified and customizable visual framework that brings all CX applications and data on a single screen and also enables unprecedented customization, personalization, and extensibility. It allows personalization of the Talkdesk user interface to make work easy for CX employees in different roles and on different teams.

Talkdesk Workspace provides all the tools that contact center employees require on one ‘pane of glass’ to make work easy and boost productivity. You can tailor it for agents as well as to non-agent roles such as supervisor or administrator to provide even more control and efficiency.

Workspace revolutionizes the call center employee experience. It’s not just a conjunction of all the CX applications, Workspace offers a consistent omnichannel and multi-tool experience. Organizations can bring voice, SMS, digital, workforce management, customer feedback management, and other Talkdesk solutions into Workspace without the need for integrations.

Employees are also able to personalize the look, feel, and functionality of Workspace—including (but not limited to) choosing the language, staying alerted of recent events in any application in a centralized notification feed, and customizing their workspace, giving it the appearance they prefer to improve accessibility and achieve the best experience within the platform.

Now customer service organizations don’t have to choose between pre-built contact center suites that are limited and difficult to customize and contact center platforms that require do-it-yourself (DIY) development from the ground up. A single pane of glass workspace makes the employee experience effortless and engaging and allows optimization of costs by simplifying vendor management and avoiding system complexity.

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Now imagine how happy your customers will be when they will get faster, more personalized service from your agents. Don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself.

Talkdesk Workspace


Product Demo: Workspace


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