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Talkdesk Enables Better Contact Center and CRM Integration

By Alison Jarris

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CRM Integration

How Talkdesk Enables Better Contact Center CRM Integration

Making a digital transformation requires adding new channels to a company’s contact center strategy and enabling an agent to handle communications through all the channels. This approach brings an emphasis on using CRM data in every interaction across a wider channel map. Increased demand for accessibility of customer information requires deep integration with a CRM system like Salesforce.

Leveraging Computer Telephony Integration, Talkdesk was built to be a companion to your CRM solution, making sure your agents can use the CRM as their primary workspace, making and receiving Talkdesk calls in the background, without ever leaving the CRM. Supervisors can get live and historical reports in the CRM and call activity is logged to the CRM in real time so agents always have the most current information.

Talkdesk makes integrations like this easy. Through APIs, we provide out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk at no additional charge. These tools also work seamlessly inside Callbar®, Talkdesk’s new web application that allows users to make and receive phone calls from anywhere on the desktop.

Think about your current after-call process. If your agents are still going into a CRM and manually logging activities after every call, you might need to think about how a move to the cloud could generate more agent productivity. By integrating your cloud contact center with a CRM, you can create simple automations that will share information across solutions and cut down on the manual entry that your agents have to do after every call. Talkdesk customers can integrate their contact center with a CRM tool like Salesforce so that every time a call is made, the Salesforce contact is updated to include notes about the activity, log the disposition and even store a recording of the call.

A contact center is at its best when all the agents are busy on the phone talking to customers and prospects, not filling out reports and updating profiles. Automations are at the heart of a cloud contact center, using technology to handle the mundane record updating and freeing up agents to get back on the phone.

The best part about Talkdesk’s integrations is that they sync information and run in the background of the your other favorite business tools. If you’re already using Salesforce, you can click on any phone number in your CRM to make a call through Talkdesk. When the call is over, your automations can update the contact record with no additional work on the agent’s part. You can view the account, make a call and record the activity without ever leaving your Salesforce interface. The contact center team gets all the benefits of Talkdesk within the same workflow they already use.

In addition to the after-call automations, Talkdesk also enables contact centers to set up automated reports, customized to deliver the metrics you choose at any interval you select. These reports are easy to set up and can be used by managers to track the team’s performance over time. If you’d rather use real-time information than regular reports, Talkdesk Live allows you to create a dashboard that displays custom metrics with up-to-the-minute accuracy. However your team uses metrics to inform contact center decisions, Talkdesk’s cloud-based solution fits your team’s needs.

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