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Build trusted student and faculty relationships.

Contact center AI that makes CX convenient and personalized for all your stakeholders.

Build Trusted Student Staff And Alumni Relationships Education

Elevate the customer experience with every stakeholder.

Meet the unique departmental needs of admissions, student services, fundraising, healthcare, and help desks with Talkdesk Education Smart Service™. Seamlessly modernize communication across channels, resolve queries with AI, support a distributed workforce, and scale with seasonal changes.

Iowa University Customer

"The technology behind the features is complex, but the user experience is relatable and connective."

Charles Keene Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program Office at Tippie College of Business at University of Iowa

Scale Service Operations And Off Campus

Scale service operations on- and off-campus.

Use AI for more efficient and effective engagement:

  • Forecast staffing during peak periods.
  • Automate precise answers to facilities, parking, or food services questions.
  • Ramp student agents and new hires faster with AI that provides real-time assistance during interactions.

"As an online campus, our distributed workforce needed a better way to communicate with prospective and current students. We chose Talkdesk because their platform was easy to implement, customize, and integrate with our other technologies. After partnering with Talkdesk, we reduced costs and improved agent productivity by approximately 75%, and we saw roughly an 85% jump in customer satisfaction. They make it quick and easy for us to deliver great customer experiences."

Andrew Diester Associate Director of Enrollment Management Operations, Abilene Christian University

Improve Student Parent Satisfaction Education

Improve student and parent satisfaction.

Offer convenient service on channels (like Facebook and WhatsApp) that students prefer. Provide parents and families with proactive, transparent updates about academic programs and campus life. Deliver personalized, round-the-clock support through AI bots that autonomously resolve inquiries.

Improve Student Parent Satisfaction Education

Engage alumni and increase donations.

Make meaningful connections with alumni through personalized and proactive messaging. Boost call volume and effectiveness using predictive dialing, driving increased donations and revenue for development initiatives.

Create A Consistent Ai Powered Experience Education

Create a consistent, AI-powered experience.

Connect to any system of record (including academic scheduling, CRM, and help desk systems) to power better service for stakeholders across departments.

The enterprise-grade capabilities every higher ed contact center needs.

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