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Transform social service program delivery.

Make benefits easily available to your constituents and enable proactive communications with the Talkdesk Citizen Engagement solution for government contact centers.

Talkdesk Citizen Government Datasheet

Simplify program enrollment. Accelerate fund disbursement.

Talkdesk Citizen Engagement improves access to government assistance programs, reduces the effort on citizens and agents, enables proactive notifications, and modernizes contact centers for scale and flexibility.

Retail Equip Agents Associates Exceed Expectations

Improve access to government assistance programs.

Use AI to empower citizens with self-guided options to easily find program information, understand how to apply, fulfill eligibility requirements, and correctly complete their applications.

Engage With Citizens On Their Channel Of Choice

Engage with citizens on their channel of choice.

Offer seamless and integrated communication with citizens across SMS, live chat, email, social messaging, and more.

Support a unified citizen journey regardless of the communication channel.

Ease The Experience For Citizens And Agents

Ease the experience for citizens and agents.

Proactively notify applicants throughout their enrollment and benefits disbursement journey to reduce citizen effort, status check inquiries, and inbound call volume.

Seamlessly transition complex inquiries to the right live agent, providing all the information they need to resolve questions efficiently.

Hybrid Cloud Explained

Modernize for scale and flexibility.

Scale operations to meet fluctuating demands without complicated coding and overloading IT resources.

Modernize your contact center with flexible deployment options to efficiently adapt to evolving program offerings.

Accelerate Onboarding And Training

Accelerate onboarding and training.

Use AI to empower agents with next best actions—based on real-time conversation information—to quickly resolve complex citizen inquiries. Enable efficient knowledge transfer of a tenured workforce to new agents and minimize training efforts, making every agent your best agent.

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