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What is Call Barging?

By Shauna Geraghty

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As a call center manager, it is your job to ensure that customer needs are being met. How well you perform this duty is dependent upon the sophistication of the call monitoring capabilities provided by your call center software solution. One of the most important of these tools is call barging.

What is Call Barging?

Call barging enables you to drop in on live calls to speak with both the caller and the agent. This call center software feature has a variety of benefits for your call center. The principal advantage of call barging is that it enables managers to take a more hands-on role in quality assurance practices and coaching of call center agents in their call center.

What Does Call Barging Accomplish?

Managers who use call barging are able to nip problems in the bud. When they see that an agent is struggling, they can step in to help the agent solve the problem. When they see that a customer is getting upset, they can intercede before churn happens.

Call monitoring and call barging can help managers recognize when an agent is performing poorly. This includes agents who work from home or distant locations. By listening in on calls, managers are able to assess and quantify problems with agent work. When an issue occurs, they can intervene and steer the conversation back on track. The end result? More satisfied customers and a more skilled workforce.

Call monitoring and call barging can also be very effective training tools. New agents can begin fielding calls alone, knowing that there is a safety net. Managers can listen in while agents take their first calls, and barge in when necessary, ensuring that both customer and agent are satisfied with the interaction.

Further, call barging can make VIP customers feel that they are being taken care of by a team, not just a specific agent. Prominent customers may feel that they deserve a higher level of support. With call barging, these customers’ expectations can be met.

Why Use Call Barging?

For many managers new to the call center software space, call barging may appear to be a distant priority – something to think about in the future, but not now. This is a misguided approach. Call barging, although sometimes cumbersome on legacy technologies, is a simple and standard part of progressive cloud-based call center software solutions.

In fact, many call center software features that will enhance your interactions with customers are neatly packaged into the easy-to-use interfaces of cloud call center solution. Perhaps the call center space seems amorphous now, but when you’ve gotten your call center up and running, there are going to be some very concrete problems you’d like to fix.

Don’t take the chance of choosing a call center software solution that lacks features, even if you’re not sure of the usefulness of each yet.

Talkdesk cloud-based call center software is designed for call center managers like you. It’s easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up, so even people inexperienced in this space can get started quickly. We include a wide variety of robust call center software functionality out-of-the-box, so whether you understand the words “call barging” or not, we’ve got you covered.


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