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7 Benefits of Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Successful businesses invest in contact center technology that enables them to be efficient in their provision of customer service. Increasingly, this means moving their contact centers to the cloud. In this infographic, we’re exploring the data behind this movement.

According to DMG Consulting, more than 62% of organizations have migrated to a cloud call center software solution. What’s more, 46% of the companies that haven’t yet are considering moving to the cloud soon.

The Growing Cloud-Based Contact Center Market

The number of companies making the move to cloud-based contact centers has increased dramatically in recent years:

In 2008, the adoption rate of cloud-based contact centers was 2.2%.

In 2011, the adoption rate more than doubled to 5.9%.

In 2013, 6 out of 10 contact centers planned to move to the cloud.

In 2015, the adoption rate of cloud-based contact centers was 18%.

By the end of 2016, 50% of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the cloud.

Cloud-Based vs. On-Premise Contact Centers

Comparing cloud-based contact centers to their on-premise counterparts, cloud-based contact centers are…

83% more likely to have a formal process for assessing agent productivity.

31% more likely to use data and analytics tools.

27% less costly.

35% less downtime.

Have a 4.5% customer abandonment rate compared to a 6.2% rate experienced by on-premise contact centers.

The Benefits of Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud
Here are just some of the benefits of moving your contact center to the cloud:

Quicker to deploy and implement

Greater security

Flexibility and scalability

Ease of managing remote agents

Standardization of global service

Effortless upgrades and new features regularly

Data visibility and customization in real-time

Benefits Moving Your Contact Center Cloud


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