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ServiceTitan integrates Talkdesk and Salesforce for Smarter Call Routing.

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↓ Reduced the average time to answer by 7 minutes
↓ In average handle time reduced by a minute

The software that runs your business while you keep the world running.

ServiceTitan is a cloud-based software platform built to power the trades by giving contractors an end-to-end SaaS solution to manage every aspect of their business, unlock the power of their own data, and equip them with the advanced technology they need to keep the world running.

"Having one centralized system through Talkdesk, rather than multiple ones, allowed us to reduce technical debt and make a significant step toward a more streamlined, modern call center."

Patrick Stevens Sr. Business Systems Analyst at ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan initially adopted Talkdesk because they needed a call center solution with a more robust feature set. The company wanted a more sophisticated and dynamic call routing system, with call recording features, machine learning tools to review those recordings, and workforce management to schedule our support staff.

Talkdesk CX Cloud™, combined with Talkdesk Salesforce integration helps identify who the customer is, and why they likely need help. ServiceTitan is able to route the customer to an agent quickly, without burying them in menu options. More seasoned agents now receive the more complex calls, and it’s all done seamlessly, behind the scenes. It’s a subtle change, but it results in an improved FCR rate and less frustration for customers and agents alike.

ServiceTitan can now provide better customer service. Since implementing Talkdesk their new call routing, their FCR stats are above the industry standard range of 70–79%. ServiceTitan has reduced the average time to answer by seven minutes, and their average handle time is also down by a minute. Lower call volumes mean fewer customers need to call us at all.

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Hear directly from a Senior Business Systems Analyst at ServiceTitan.