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Founded in 2012, Justworks is a fast-growing HR technology company that provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with the same great Human Resources and payroll tools that large enterprises enjoy – all in one simple interface. Their mission is to free business owners from managing complex HR processes so they can focus on building their business instead.

"What I love most about Talkdesk is that it just works. Our employees never have to think about it - it’s easy to implement, use, and scale."

Jason Whitman, VP of Customer Success

When the Justworks team moved to a 24/7 support model, they realized they needed a reliable solution that enabled their employees to work from anywhere and still deliver exceptional support to their customers. Justworks also needed a platform that could support their growing onboarding and account management teams, in addition to customer support agents.

Justworks selected Talkdesk for its modern cloud architecture, which allows employees to work remotely, as well as its intuitive interface and ability to integrate with their CRM. As a result, they unchained themselves from desktop phones, saving thousands of dollars in equipment costs.

Jason Whitman, Justworks VP of Customer Success

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Talkdesk Customer Justworks

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