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Responding to customers in record time with Talkdesk CX Cloud™.

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Responds to customers in record time

Leveraging Talkdesk technology to quickly respond to customers worldwide.

Operating in over 125 countries worldwide, AMC Networks is the global leader in targeted subscription streaming and home to iconic and fan-favorite brands across television, independent film, production, distribution, gaming, and publishing. AMC Networks runs 11 brands, targeted streaming brands and cable brands, and it provides an exceptional customer experience for every single customer and gets back to customers in very quick order.

"Purely technology based. We want to get back to customers very quickly and Talkdesk allows us to get back to customers in record time."

Fred Kleiman Vice President of Customer Service, AMC Networks

AMC Networks’ vision is to expand and use Talkdesk as one of its great features to get back to customers and communicate issues that they have quickly and effectively. The company’s decision to select Talkdesk was purely technology based with Talkdesk corporate vision, corporate culture and worldwide presence being other key factors. AMC Networks is in multiple countries and Talkdesk allows the company to get back to customers in record time.

Fred Kleiman

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