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TAP Air Portugal flies customer support system to the cloud with Talkdesk

By João Safara

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Growing with Call Centers

“We accelerated Talkdesk implementation over the last two weeks to allow all our staff to work from home. Thanks to Talkdesk’s successful and rapid deployment, we are all safe and working from home now,” said Eduardo Correia de Matos, customer service director, TAP Air Portugal.

TAP Air Portugal is a Star Alliance member and one of Europe’s most awarded and fastest-growing airlines, flying to 89 destinations in 34 countries across the globe. The airline operates more than 2,500 weekly flights and had 16 million passengers in 2019.

Grounded with an inflexible and unreliable on-premises system, TAP Air Portugal sought a scalable cloud solution it could depend on to provide an outstanding customer experience. Talkdesk® Enterprise Cloud Contact Center allowed TAP Air Portugal to move its operations away from a traditional, on-premises infrastructure and enable remote work for a team of 200 agents.

Talkdesk’s cloud-native architecture is a scalable and adaptable solution that not only meets fluctuating customer demands, but also integrates with mobile technology. This proved crucial as TAP Air Portugal was looking for a suitable response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which caused a spike in customer support issues and threatened the health and safety of on-premises operation staff.

Talkdesk’s adaptability and scalability further accommodates TAP Air Portugal’s need to support more than 30 different markets and countries in five languages, often witnessing seasonal sky-high traffic peaks. As such, TAP Air Portugal has plans to deploy our cloud-native system in its remaining contact centers throughout 2020 for a total of 500 agents.

TAP Air Portugal looked to improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction through Talkdesk’s deep integration options with existing CRM platforms. Talkdesk for Salesforce enables TAP Air Portugal’s agents to access customer information quickly and easily through automatic screen pops, allowing agents to focus on the caller and provide a fast, effective and personalized customer experience. Another productivity boost comes from Talkdesk Academy, where agents can have access and go through a series of customer-oriented training and certifications in order to become support experts.

“We are pleased that TAP Air Portugal, a large global enterprise, chose Talkdesk for its cloud contact center solution. Flexibility and the power to scale services up and down as business needs change is a core component of Talkdesk and exclusive to our cloud-native architecture,” said Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer, Talkdesk.

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