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Announcing Talkdesk Guardian

By Evan Dobkin

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How does an organization ensure its contact center addresses a growing number of security threats, both internal and external, in addition to meeting a series of data regulations that are growing just as quickly? They must adopt the mindset that it’s the responsibility of the entire company to proactively combat security threats. To do so, companies must equip their security and information technology (IT) teams with the appropriate tools.

Call center fraud, which usually takes advantage of records migration or lack of authentication to extort money from larger financial institutions, has skyrocketed by 350% between 2013 and 2019. In order for the contact center to maintain strong relationships, companies must guarantee the safety and protection of customer data.

According to a survey by Fortinet, 85% of chief information security officers view security issues related to digital transformation as having a significant effect on their companies. In 2018, Gartner predicted that 60% of digital businesses would suffer major service failures by 2020 due to the inability of security teams to manage digital risk.

These statistics show how investments in transformative technologies and strategies, such as a digital expansion, are meaningless if the organization cannot protect the business, its customers or other vital assets.

Talkdesk Guardian

Proactively monitor your contact center with a full suite of security controls.

The security gatekeeper for the modern contact center

Talkdesk ® Guardian provides contact center security managers the tools they need to maintain a secure environment including dashboards, automated detection and alerting for suspicious behavior, advanced authentication and more. As a cloud-native solution, Talkdesk Guardian delivers information in real-time, such as security recommendations and warnings, anytime, anywhere.

Guardian offers a safe environment for businesses and the necessary functionalities to ensure active defense and response capabilities. Guardian’s AI-infused capabilities automatically analyze patterns in user behavior and alert security managers if security parameters are not met. Security managers can easily handle and secure data, regardless of geographic location, control access to their platform and act upon threats, protecting the data space within seconds. From presenting usage data in customized dashboards to enhanced authentication processes to eliminate fraud and identity theft, Guardian has it all.

Making Security a Priority in Your Contact Center


Discover our AI-infused suite of security capabilities.

Confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer data are vital to any business operations and a key component to the success of any enterprise contact center. Talkdesk is excited to introduce a new cloud security package that allows customers to focus on the customer experience they’re providing as well as organizational skills, leaving the cybersecurity concerns to Talkdesk.

Customer-centricity gains a particularly urgent relevance under the circumstances of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Cloud-native solutions such as Talkdesk Enterprise enable a flexible and scalable way of working, allowing agents to work remotely, anytime, from any device, while guaranteeing a sustainable long-term strategy for business continuity.

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