System Isnt Effective

6 Signs that Your Feedback System Isn’t Effective

Feedback System Isnt Effective

Providing effective feedback can be a difficult process, but it shouldn’t be. Managers seeking to improve how they give feedback should develop an understanding of how to effectively administer feedback and identify signs that their feedback system isn’t producing the desired results.

When evaluating the feedback process, managers should be aware of these 6 signs that it isn’t having the best impact on employees.

Feedback is used to punish, embarrass or humiliate employees.
Employees don’t change their behavior based on feedback.
Feedback is provided too late so has little effect.
Employees believe that the feedback relates to factors outside of their control.
Employees feel that managers spend too much time providing feedback.
Employees complain that feedback is too complex or difficult to understand.
If any of these signs are apparent managers should re-evaluate their feedback process and attempt to incorporate as many effective feedback techniques as possible.