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Global Financial Tech Company Taulia Counts on Talkdesk to Deliver Exceptional CX

By Liz Pedro

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"Having all of those analytics really helped us take off the ground and become better at serving our customers."

Vanessa Avila, Technical Services Manager, Taulia

Years ago I had a few small businesses, including one where I did customer marketing consulting. Anyone who runs a small business knows one of the biggest challenges is financial tasks. Luckily for many small business owners, they can turn to Taulia.

Taulia delivers working capital solutions that make it easy for businesses to free up cash, accelerate payments and improve supply chain health. They were founded in 2009 with a simple mission—create a world where every business thrives through free cash flow. Today, their game-changing technology powers a network connecting 1.6 million businesses across 168 countries and has accelerated more than $91 billion in early payments.

In 2015, Taulia was using hardware phones and wanted a solution that:

  • Was digital
  • Could support teams in different locations (including Europe)
  • Had the ability to see who’s available at what time
  • Had the ability for employees to work remotely
  • Was easy to implement

Vanessa Avila, technical services manager at Taulia, searched for a cloud contact center that could help them track agent performance and provide them with analytics and reporting on call statistics.

“The reason why we went with Talkdesk is that we have a global team and we need to know what our agents are doing at all times. Talkdesk provides insights which help us plan for coverage and reporting and analytics needed to run our contact center more efficiently,” explained Vanessa. Taulia has implemented Talkdesk for their customer service department in Salt Lake City and their support organization in Bulgaria.

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Talkdesk for Salesforce allows Taulia to identify areas for improvement and provided a live dashboard to understand where coverage was needed. As a result, Taulia was able to double its answer rate. Because Talkdesk for Salesforce integration provides a single desktop for agents, this has helped agents improve performance and the customer experience they provide.

The benefits Taulia has seen since implementing Talkdesk include:

  • A doubled answer rate by leveraging Talkdesk reports and identifying areas for improvement
  • Live dashboard to have visibility into performance
  • Metrics on agent and call performance and identify areas they could improve
  • Improved agent performance because of a single unified desktop with Salesforce integration.

“The Talkdesk support team has been super helpful any time I reach out to them. They always have the answers and they are very timely. They provide additional personal touches like passing on my product feedback to the right team which means my request is not getting lost in a black hole,” concludes Vanessa.

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