Helping customers go farther, faster

By Chad Gaydos

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When purpose and passion collide—BAM!

That is how I would describe the feeling of joining Talkdesk as chief customer officer (CCO). I am incredibly excited and humbled to join an organization that is taking the customer service software as a service (SaaS) market by storm and recognized by Gartner as a leader in CCaaS magic quadrant.

Why now?

My career journey has been fulfilling, and I am grateful to have gained such unique experiences, no doubt due to special teams I have been a part of and the many generous people from whom I learned. At SAP, I first learned product so I could work closely with customers to help them improve on outcomes with technology. Through nearly 20 years at SAP, I gained respect for how “process” brings order to the universe. It helps people and organizations improve effectiveness and efficiency with their assets. Through various roles, leadership assignments and executive positions, I was prepared to go “do more” for my customers and my organization. To that end, I left SAP several years ago to join Skillsoft as chief operating officer (COO) and chief revenue officer (CRO), working with amazing team members and customers around the globe to leverage learning and talent technology for success. Now, I am thrilled to begin my next chapter.

Why Talkdesk?

First, the story. I loved the story. Founder and CEO Tiago Paiva is a true visionary, who started the company using his developer skills and ingenuity to revolutionize contact center service technology through the cloud. Hypergrowth results don’t just happen; they are the result of highly energized, supremely focused people working together to enable the customer experience. Second, the technology. Talkdesk captured my fascination with its many achievements in such a short period of time, receiving numerous awards and recognition from top analysts and customers alike. Finally, the market. This is the purpose that ignites me, and I believe in the mission. The customer service technology market is exploding with cloud growth, but it is incredibly exciting to work with technology that helps customers better serve their customers.

Why chief customer officer?

I have spent my entire career working with, learning from and serving customers. That is my passion—full stop! I also have a strong desire for leading and developing people and improving outcomes, coupled with a strong desire to impact the company and its customers as CCO. I am confident that my career and experiences have armed me with a unique set of skills to lead and deploy world-class customer-centric strategy. When Tiago asked me to join the company as CCO, it was my own Jerry Maguire moment. He had me at “hello.”

What’s my message to Talkdesk customers? Let us help you go farther faster!

As we embark on a new year and new decade, 2020 calls us all toward a higher-level vision. At Talkdesk, we have an opportunity and an obligation to innovate in unprecedented ways. Together with our customers, we can elevate the customer experience and set a new bar for the contact center industry. My aim is to partner closely with our customers to unlock a differentiated customer experience that drives unprecedented satisfaction, increased productivity, superior insight and lower cost to serve. In sum, we will break industry records together!

So, BAM! — with purpose and passion. I am thrilled to join Talkdesk and look forward to an amazing journey!


Chad Gaydos

Chad Gaydos is chief operating officer at Talkdesk. Chad has over 20 years of software experience, most recently in key customer-facing executive roles at Skillsoft as CRO/COO and SAP’s COO of Regulated Industries. He has served customers globally in both the private and public sectors across 15 different industries and has deep experience in sales, consulting, solution engineering, customer success, support and operations. He received his BBA in Finance from Kennesaw State University.