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The future of AI in the contact center: Transforming customer experience with AI and automation

A new report by Talkdesk Research™ reveals what to expect for the future of AI in the contact center.

Talkdesk Research™ focuses on delivering innovative  thought leadership on customer experience. The future of AI in the contact center is a report that presents the results of a quantitative online survey with 916 interviews among CX professionals across 11 different global markets.

Organizations plan to invest more in AI between now and 2025, and CX professionals recognize AI and automation as powerful tools for improving the customer experience in the contact center.

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AI is here to address the challenges and opportunities facing contact centers today. 

For further detail about these four key predictions and the future of AI in customer experience and the contact center, download the report The future of AI in the contact center.

The Future Of Ai In The Contact Center


El futuro de la IA en el contact center