Complete Call Center Solution

Talkdesk solution and its innovative integrations elevate your business and deliver all the benefits and features of expensive call center software systems, but without investments, hidden costs and long term contracts.

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No Installations, Hardware or Software Required

Talkdesk is a browser based software, all that is required is an internet connection. Without costly installations or complicated setups, your agents can start working immediately. You can focus on your customers instead of managing technology. You will have a fully-functional enterprise level call center in minutes.

Simple to Deploy

Your complete call center will be ready in minutes. Our flexible solution allows you to easily migrate or add numbers, add and remove agents, switch agent’s departments, create personalized messages or integrate with your current systems.

Easy to Use

The intuitive interface allows your agents to start working immediately and from anywhere. Your agents will easily navigate Talkdesk and interact with customers with more knowledge and efficiency, making your workforce more productive and professional.

Pay as You Go

Have an efficient solution and pay only for what you use. Your account will be prorated depending on when the new agent is added so you can easily adapt the number of agents when needed.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Team

Ensure personalized customer interactions and increase customer satisfaction with a well informed, efficient team. Allow for easy collaboration between agents and departments by integrating your sales, marketing and support departments.

Save Time and Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce call handling time, increase agent productivity and personalize the customer experience with readily available information about the customer, pitching relevant items and solving problems quickly.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

This customized information will also enable your agents to proactively deliver relevant information to your customers. This creates more revenue opportunities, increases customer satisfaction, shortens collection cycles and decreases inbound call volume.

Maximize Lead Generation and Conversion

With Talkdesk’s lead generation and nurturing system, integrations and notification system your team will be well-equipped to generate more leads, increase conversion rates and close more sales.

Foster Collaboration Between Agents

Agents can add and edit notes directly from the interface allowing for easy collaboration between agents and departments. Information is automatically synchronized with your systems ensuring that all agents are accessing accurate data.

One-click Integrations with your Company’s Services

Connect Talkdesk with services you already use in seconds. Information is automatically synchronized and updated in all systems so agents will never re-enter redundant information. Leverage the functionality of your current software in one easy to use interface. See all the available integrations.

Have a Distributed Team Working from Anywhere

Coordinate a team of international employees, or have international numbers routed to your local office. Allow your customers to call a familiar number at local rates and receive calls where it is most convenient for your team – in the office, at home, on their mobile, and anywhere in the world.

Be Local and Go Global

We provide local and toll-free numbers from several countries and any location within the United States. These numbers can be routed to a Talkdesk account from anywhere in the world. You can buy new numbers or use your existing ones.

Customizable Outbound Caller ID

Talkdesk will automatically choose the best phone number to display as your Outbound Caller ID for each contact. You can also override this process by manually selecting the number you would like to show on the outbound caller ID for each call.

Increase the quality of the customer experience by making it personalized and adaptive. Provide an exceptional service and increase customer retention and loyalty.