A Complete Call Center Software

Enterprise level functionality without installations, hardware or software

Make and Receive Calls

Seamlessly integrate your entire operation in the same system.

Call Recording

Your staff can review calls at anytime to ensure that all of your agents are compliant with your company’s quality standards.


Allow your customers to leave a voicemail when your agents are unavailable. With voicemail transcription and notifications, your agents will be able to quickly respond to the message.

Call Disposition and Notes

Allow your agents to add a call summary note to the call log with customized disposition codes.

Call Control

With features like hold, mute, call conferencing, blind transfer and warm transfer, your agents can provide their customers a more professional and seamless experience.

Call Queues

When your agents are busy, calls will be kept on hold. Prioritize calls by value or request urgency based on your business rules.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Maximize the number of simultaneous inbound and outbound calls through unlimited concurrent calls. Have several agents on the phone through a single name and flexibility adapt your system at anytime.

Outbound Caller ID

By default, Talkdesk automatically chooses the best number to display on your outbound caller ID based on comprehensive information. You can also manually select your outbound caller ID number from a pull down menu.

Personalized Greetings

Ensure that every interaction with your company is unique, professional and informative. Make a good impression the first time and every time.

International Numbers

Acquire local and toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries. Expand your business globally by employing agents internationally or have international phone numbers routed to your local agents.

Advanced Routing

Route customers to the right agent based on custom criteria.

IVR System

Ensure that the call is directed to the right department. This IVR system will reduce call handling times and increase first contact resolution, saving your company time and money.

Skills Based Routing

Make sure that the most appropriate agent always gets the call with our skills based routing system. Leave more flexible agents available to handle future calls. Increase first contact resolution and the professionalism and productivity of your company.

Forward to Phone

When your team is in the field, forward calls to their mobile phone. This allows for your mobile workforce to always be connected.

Integrate with Your Tools

Sync information with your CRM, Helpdesk and your own systems.

Contact History

Access all previous calls, voicemails and emails from the caller in real-time. Your agents will always be informed, even before they answer the call.

Enhanced Caller ID

Your agents will never go into a call blind. Real-time information about the caller is available in the browser, before your agents answer the phone.

Built-in CRM

Organize contacts by name or company and easily segment your contacts. Filter your contacts by tag and benefit from our intelligent contact search.

Compile Contact Lists

Compile lists of contacts from any integrated CRM, Helpdesk, contact lists that are uploaded in CSV format and from within Talkdesk.

Contact Tags and Custom Fields

Talkdesk allows you to assign unique tags to your contacts. Your agents can sort and search by tag, compile lists based on tags and can easily identify each contact based on their tag.


A comprehensive overview of the caller is presented in an intuitive interface as they call. This allows agents to have a complete overview of the caller’s needs.

Automated Tasks

Create rules that automatically trigger actions to external systems when certain events happen in Talkdesk such as missed or inbound calls. Increase agent productivity by eliminating the need to re-enter information or duplicate tasks and have all systems on the same page.

Data Import and Synchronization

Connect Talkdesk with your company’s systems (e.g: CRM, Helpdesk), and have all the caller information synchronized and updated in all systems immediately. Never re-enter redundant information.

Monitor & Get Reports

Get a clear insight of your call center performance.

Call Monitoring

Listen to agent’s calls in real-time to guarantee quality standards. Increase your company’s effectiveness and professionalism.

Real Time Reporting

Analyze your call center metrics in real-time. Improve business KPIs and decrease costs by identifying inefficiencies.

Historical Reporting

Monitor the performance of your company so you can make intelligent business decisions based on comprehensive data.


Power Dialer

Automate the outbound calling process so your sales team can call more contacts faster. Agents can upload lists, click “start” and the power dialer will automatically call contacts on the list, one after another, until a contact answers.

Web to Lead

When a prospect or lead fills out a form on your website or contacts your company for the first time (via phone, live chat or email) Talkdesk will automatically create a new contact with their information such as their name, phone number, number they called, agent they spoke with, call recording, etc.

Email Notifications

Define notification rules that alert you by email (or POST request) when an event happens. Receive notifications in real-time when a call is missed or a voicemail is received.

Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications alert you when the phone rings so your agents can accept the call even if they are working on a task outside of Talkdesk.