Empower Your Inside Sales Team

Talkdesk for Sales is smart software that converts more leads to customers.

Let Your Reps Focus on Selling. We’ll Do the Rest.

Your inside sales team is the lifeblood of your company, yet only 33% of inside sales rep time is spent actively selling. With Talkdesk for Sales inside sales teams handle more calls, have more productive outcomes, and get the coaching they need to convert and close more business.

And it’s fully integrated with Salesforce, so you can get up and selling in minutes.

More Conversations

Increase inbound and outbound call throughput so your reps have the most opportunities to engage with prospects.
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An intuitive click-to-call app with unified access to CRM and tools like Zoominfo, Outreach, SalesNavigator, and more.

Power Dialing

Increase connect rates for outbound prospecting by 30%+ and talk time by 300%+ per hour.

Voicemail Drop

Let your reps select a pre-recorded voicemail to leave for prospects’ inboxes, so they can quickly move onto the next call.

Local Presence

Allows reps to use a local number which increases likelihood of an answer.

Lead to Call

When a prospect fills a form on your website, Talkdesk automatically calls them.

“Talkdesk has helped us to achieve monthly sales targets in each market, increase productivity, and is giving us a better read on our economics.”

Morgan Eberoni, Vice President of EMEA Sales, EF English Live

Higher Conversions

Make every conversation count, with answers to questions and objections at your reps' fingertips, and call recording for management coaching.
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Call Recording

Enables sales managers to listen to conversations on their own time and coach reps to ensure call quality and consistency standards.

Advance Speech Analytics

Uses AI to identify successful sales calls in order to scale learnings across your sales team.

Intelligent Routing

Uses CRM customer data to identify the prospect and route them to the right rep the first time.

“Talkdesk for Sales’ tight integration with Salesforce helps improve our inside sales team productivity because it brings all the information the rep needs onto one screen, and the call recording helps me coach them to be more effective at closing business.”

John McCormick, Director of Sales, Prezi

Integrated with the #1 CRM Platform, Salesforce.

With out-of-the-box Salesforce integration you can get your team up and converting more leads with just a few clicks.
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All call dispositions are automatically synced into Salesforce for a single source of truth for all of your call details.


Click on any phone number within Salesforce and automatically dial it in Talkdesk - no more copy and pasting of numbers or manual dialing.

Integrated Reporting

All Talkdesk call metrics are automatically synced into Salesforce allowing you to use native Salesforce reporting and dashboards to view agent and call metrics.


Easily set up automatic triggers between Talkdesk and Salesforce that drive efficiency by automating tasks for your reps.

Talkdesk Sales ROI Calculator

Enter values below to get an estimation of how much additional revenue you can earn with Talkdesk’s automated workflows.

Number of Sales Reps

How many people do you have on your sales team?

Number of Calls per Rep

How many calls do reps make per day?

Average Deal Size

What's the average deal size?

Conversion Rate

Approximately how many calls convert to a closed deal?
All estimates assume your sales reps save minute(s) on after call work per call and increase their conversion by %

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Monthly Revenue With Talkdesk


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