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Customer Sentiment Score

The new standard for customer support excellence.

How CSS is Determined

1. Customers rate their experience.

Immediately after a call ends, Talkdesk automatically sends a CSAT survey via SMS to customers. SMS is a user-friendly, low-friction channel that has been shown to provoke substantially higher response rates than traditional IVR surveys.

2. Agent submits a post-call mood score.

On the other end of the line, the agent is prompted to assess the mood of the customer they just helped by selecting from three different emojis. Knowing that this input will be required after every call motivates agents to keep the customer experience front and center throughout the conversation.

3. Talkdesk calculates the CSS score.

Talkdesk calculates CSS based on customer and agent inputs as well as other relevant call center factors. Unlike other customer-oriented metrics, CSS is a composite measurement that is the output of a real-time, machine-learning algorithm.

4. Call center supervisors take action.

On a dedicated reporting page, supervisors will be able to view more information about each individual CSS score. Scores can be correlated with call center factors (wait time, handle time, etc) to optimize workforce management and identify additional opportunities for agent training.

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