“With Talkdesk, we ran implementation in less than half a day and we were making phone calls that same afternoon.”

Jon Mitchell, Sr. Director of Customer Care

Support Use Case

30-125+ agents seasonally

Zendesk integration

2 global call centers

Driving superior customer experiences

Founded in 2010, Anki is a gaming company that creates unique devices combining real-life toy cars with immersive mobile video game technology. Providing great customer support is essential to building brand awareness and customer loyalty for this growing company. Anki’s product is subject to seasonal demands, particularly around the holidays, so they needed a call center application that was easily scalable.

Anki was able to find the perfect solution in Talkdesk with the application’s effortless agent provision and browser-based accessibility. By the time the holidays arrive each year, Anki’s team of over 100 agents is more than ready to field thousands of calls with Talkdesk’s help.

Download the case study to learn how Anki meets their customer service goals with Talkdesk.

the Case Study

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