Real-Time Reporting (Beta)

Get an overview of what’s happening in your call center at any given time so you can improve business KPIs.

Talkdesk displays real-time metrics for all live calls, agent statuses and call queues. You can view all calls in progress, monitor the calls without the caller or the agent knowing and barge into calls when necessary. You can also see how many callers are in the waiting queue, as well as who they are. Finally, you can view how many and which agents are in each agent status (i.e., “Available,” “On a call,” “Busy,” “Lunch,” “Offline,” etc.). This dashboard is perfect for getting a high level overview of what is currently happening in your call center.

Industry Standard Metrics

Real-time analytics are available for service level, abandonment time, number of calls in progress, number of calls in queue, wait time and more. Compare your call center statistics with company goals and industry standards so you can make data-driven decisions that help to optimize KPIs.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard allows for a quick overview of real-time call center statistics, service level performance, detailed metrics and live call monitoring. This makes it simple to view the metrics that matter most to your team, so you can make more informed decisions.

Monitor Performance

Analyze the performance of agents, departments and your entire call center. Talkdesk provides real-time metrics so you can spot inefficiencies, identify top performers and use this data to optimize the performance of your call center.

Identify Issues

With an overview of service level and real-time performance metrics, you can proactively identify performance issues and effectively make data-driven decisions that have a measurable impact on team performance.

Evaluate Agents

With Talkdesk, you can monitor the performance of each agent in real-time. Use our intuitive dashboard to evaluate their average handle time, number of calls placed per hour/day/month/year, average speed to answer, etc. Equipped with this real-time agent data, you will be able to make effective decisions that drive results.

Analyze Phone Number Metrics

With our comprehensive phone number metrics, you can assign unique phone numbers to marketing campaigns, teams or marketing collateral and analyze metrics for each phone number in real-time. This will help you have a better understanding of the performance of your team and/or marketing efforts.

Empower Agents

Real-time data displayed in the agent dashboard allows agents to make intelligent decisions that will have a measurable impact on your call center’s performance. Train your agents to recognize trends, anticipate problems and engage in reparative action so that your entire team can remain agile during critical times.

Export Data

Export your real-time call data to a CSV file with Talkdesk. This feature allows you to easily analyze data in external applications, crunch data in Excel, create custom reports to address your unique reporting needs and back up your data. Do more with your data with this feature.

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