Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Easily configure your multi-level IVR to ensure that each caller is directed to the right agent, team or department.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony menu system that allows for the identification, segmentation and routing of callers to the most appropriate agents within your team. IVRs help to create a more professional customer experience and a more efficient workforce. With Talkdesk, you can configure your IVR entirely in the browser using our dropdown menu and text-to-speech messages. This makes it fast and simple to customize your IVR settings according to your unique business needs.

Configure in the Browser

Talkdesk is browser-based call center software with IVR functionality. This means that you can customize your IVR from your computer’s browser and it will be immediately operational.

Multi-Level IVR

Talkdesk’s multi-level IVR allows you to create IVRs with multiple branches. For example, callers can press 1 for “Support” which will route them to another IVR that allows them to select 2 for “Feature Support”. This makes it simple to ensure that callers self-route to the agent or department that can best meet their needs.

Easily Configure Messages

You can record a custom greeting from within Talkdesk’s interface or use our text-to-speech software to automatically generate your IVR message. This system makes it easy to change your IVR messages as often as needed to customize your callers’ experiences.

Automate Routing

Use Talkdesk’s IVR to gather relevant information about each caller in order to direct them to the most appropriate agent or department. Increase efficiency, first contact resolution and the professionalism of your company with this advanced IVR system.

Forward-to-Phone from the IVR

When your team is in the field, in a different office, working from home or on their mobile phones, Talkdesk will forward the caller to them, directly from your IVR. Now your flexible workforce can take calls wherever they are.

Send Calls to Voicemail

With Talkdesk, you can choose a specific IVR prompt that will send callers directly to voicemail. This feature will allow you to screen calls and save time for your team.

Handle More Calls

Allow callers to help themselves by providing useful information in your IVR. For example, you can record your company’s business hours, address, contact information and more so callers don’t have to speak with a live agent if they don’t want to. This will increase first call resolution and allow your team to handle a higher volume of calls.

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