Data Import & Sync

Connect Talkdesk with your CRM or helpdesk to continually synchronize contact information across all of your systems.

Import contact data from your company’s CRM, helpdesk, e-commerce platform, back office applications or any CSV file. The information will populate into existing contacts to enrich each customer’s profile. Talkdesk will also create new contacts, when necessary, to save your team time. The data import feature helps to strengthen and enhance your contact database and empower your agents.

Data Import from Business Tools

When you integrate your business tools with Talkdesk, contact data will populate into the Talkdesk interface. Effortlessly enrich your contact database without manual data entry or coding.

Continuous Synchronization

Talkdesk continuously synchronizes with your integrated business tools so that contact information is always up-to-date. For example, when a new contact is manually or automatically created in Talkdesk, the same contact will be created in your integrated CRM, helpdesk and e-commerce software. This helps to save your team time by reducing the manual entry of data across systems.

Import Any List

With Talkdesk, you can import any list that is in CSV format with one click. This allows you to enrich your database with new contacts as often as needed, saving you time and increasing the number of successfully placed calls.

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