Create a Ticket from Talkdesk

Create tickets, cases, events, conversations and more in your integrated business tool without leaving the Talkdesk interface to streamline your workflow.

Talkdesk’s business tool integrations allow you to create a ticket from Talkdesk. Specifically, you can close and create a ticket, case, conversation, contact and order in your CRM, helpdesk and e-commerce platform directly from the Talkdesk interface. For example, after you integrate Talkdesk with Zendesk, you can create a Zendesk ticket from inside Talkdesk. Once created, the ticket data will automatically populate into both Talkdesk and Zendesk so that both systems are up-to-date. This makes it easy to keep an accurate customer history without switching between two systems.

Customize Ticket Data

Talkdesk enables you to customize the data within each ticket according to your unique business needs. For example, you can customize any of the following from the Talkdesk interface: subject, description, email, status or priority of the ticket. This allows you and your team to keep track of ticket data without having to exit Talkdesk.

Comprehensive Customer Data

Create a ticket, case, event and more in your integrated business tools and Talkdesk will automatically sync with this information. This feature ensures that both Talkdesk and your integrated business tool have comprehensive and corresponding customer data, so your team will have up-to-date information, regardless of which application they are using.

Use One Interface for Everything

Manually creating tickets, cases, contacts and more from the Talkdesk interface allows you to use Talkdesk for everything. This eliminates the need to switch between your CRM, helpdesk and call center software while the customer is on the phone. The use of one single interface will help increase your team’s efficiency and your company’s overall customer service quality.

Automate Workflows

In addition to manually creating tickets from Talkdesk, automated workflows allow for the creation of rule-based workflows. Talkdesk can automatically create tickets when an event happens to reduce some of your data input work. For example, when a call ends, Talkdesk can populate the call recording into your CRM; when a call is missed, Talkdesk can create a ticket in your helpdesk with the voicemail recording, transcription and data. These automated workflows will streamline your support process and enhance the quality of service your team provides to customers.

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