Call Disposition Codes and Notes

Add call summary notes and disposition codes to your call log and integrated CRM to ensure that relevant customer information is retained.

Call disposition codes and notes are a simple way to label inbound and outbound calls so that your entire team can stay informed. After each call, you can select a disposition code and add a note about the content of the call. Both markers will be automatically and immediately added to the caller’s individual activity feed, as well as posted on the recent calls list. This feature allows anyone accessing a call’s data to see the salient details at a glance, including information such as whether the issue was resolved, the sale was closed, the customer complained, the phone number was disconnected or the interaction required further attention. This powerful tool makes keeping track of customer interactions effortless and promotes collaboration within your team.

Custom Call Disposition Codes

Talkdesk enables you to create as many disposition codes as you need to keep track of the information that matters most to you. Call disposition codes can be easily customized based on your unique business needs. New codes can be added with a single click. This feature allows you to store, sort and analyze customer data.

Create Notes on Calls

The call notes feature allows you create a record of relevant customer information both during and after a call. While the interaction is in progress, you can write a detailed note by clicking the “Create a Note” button below the keypad. After the call has finished, you can write a quick explanation in the disposition code window. As soon as a note is created, it will populate into the customer’s activity feed, which will allow the rest of the team to peruse the details if desired.

Scrub Call Lists

With Talkdesk you can quickly scrub calling lists by sorting contacts based on disposition code. The ease of paring down these lists will allow you to keep your customer database up-to-date and bolster your efficiency.

Disposition Code Metrics

The Talkdesk reporting dashboard enables you to view disposition code metrics so that you can keep track of relevant performance metrics, customer demographics and call data. This data can be used in a variety of ways, including identifying product or service issues, analyzing a team’s performance, tracking feature requests and identifying geographic regions for company expansion. These metrics can provide you with significant insights into your call center, your team and your business as a whole.

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