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Technology has changed the way consumers shop for everything today. The modern consumer requires a modern solution to stay loyal. Vivino has been at the center of the movement to digitalize the wine industry since it was founded in 2009, taking the wine-buying experience mobile with an app that allows for image recognition, community reviews and intelligent behavior monitoring. By using smart tools to “change the way people wine,” Vivino has created the world’s largest and smartest wine community and marketplace.

Early in the company’s growth, Vivino had an important realization: wine is often an important part of social events of all sizes and in order to satisfy wine drinkers, they needed to facilitate social experiences for their customers. Often, customers who called the support line didn’t just want a few quick answers, they wanted to have onversations about their wine choices. The selection process was a social experience in itself and customers needed to feel confident about their wine choices to be satisfied with the product. As the company expanded, Vivino made it a priority to maintain personal connections with the wine drinkers who use their service.

“Voice is so important in the wine industry. Customers need support in their native language; French need customer support in French and English in English. When we began opening the app in new locations, we understood that’s what they deserve, which is why we choose local experts to be knowledgable resources for callers,” said Chad Boonsupa, VP of Customer Experience at Vivino.

With all these calls happening in different locations and different languages, Chad needed to find a simple tool to manage and optimize support interactions. Having used Talkdesk at a previous company, he was familiar with the ease of setup and decided to use Talkdesk to manage Vivino’s customer support.

Starting with a complex support structure that had unique flows for multiple channels and multiple languages, Chad simplified Vivino’s diverse customer support team to operate seamlessly inside Talkdesk. He even set up live reporting triggers to deliver daily reports to his business intelligence team so he could optimize productivity for each of his agents. The setup process was so simple that Chad’s support team was able to respond to phone calls the same day they set up their contact center.

Chad also set up Talkdesk’s analytics function to customize the caller experience for Vivino’s six unique consumer archetypes. The team gathered information about each type of user and trained their support team to satisfy the needs of each. This personalized style worked brilliantly. Today, Vivino has grown to more than 26 million active users in seven languages and 11 countries. Talkdesk has enabled Vivino to improve CSAT significantly by minimizing the time to first touch and allowing support agents to stay on the phone as long as a customer needs to complete a conversation.

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