At Talkdesk, we want to be a step ahead of our customer’s needs. We strive to anticipate challenges and to have solution options in place.  To do this we need to be able to innovate with incredible speed.

Just as Henry Ford, of the industrial age, understood that many people working together could manufacture cars faster, better and more economically than a single person putting together an entire car, we at Talkdesk understand that creating an open contact center platform where we can invite partners to innovate better, faster and more economical solutions on top of our contact center, can create an unrivaled customer experience.

This is why we at Talkdesk have gone to great lengths to create AppConnect, 30+ out-of-the-box integrations, and Reporting API. It’s time to experience customer service from an open platform.


The AppConnect feature at Talkdesk means that your contact center solution will never be limited by a single company’s vision.  Rather, you company will have access to the most innovative minds. This includes people and companies who understand that creating an unique contact center experience for your customers is the difference between having a cost center and call center.

Moreover, AppConnect levels the playing field by creating an open and fair marketplace to test contact center features.  This is due to the fact that Talkdesk requires all Appconnect partners to guarantee an easy install and free trial of their App. Gone are the days of getting locked into  long, expensive contracts that your company never uses. Today, your company can test out any and all features, experimenting with what will work best for you and curate a custom contact center experience.

30+ Out-Of-The-Box Integrations

The ability to easily and seamlessly integrate the tools your company is using creates happier agents and happier customers. It delights your employees and agents because they’re not frustrated at having to input the same information into multiple platforms due to a lack of integration. Likewise, agents can speak more intelligently with customers, work more efficiently and have the time to take more calls.  Customers are also happy because they no longer suffer from long call-wait times and they are able to get smarter information from agents faster.

Reporting API

The Talkdesk Reporting API is an advanced programmatic method that allows your company to access historical report data. This feature is so new, it is currently in Beta form. However, we are testing it with our customers because we understand the importance of being able to integrate your Talkdesk data with other business applications such as workforce management tools, analytics features, business intelligence tools, data warehouse companies and so on. The ability to build your own custom dashboards, as well as perform data analysis and forecasting will help your company to staff your call center more effectively. Likewise, you can enjoy delivering smarter, faster service to your customers.

To learn more about Talkdesk’s open platform experience and how it can help your company create a customized contact center, click the button below and set up a call with one of our experts