Talkdesk TOPO Sales Summit

In the past week, we’ve published six blog posts about TOPO Sales Summit 2016. For our last post in this series, we thought it would be best to talk about how the learnings from the conference apply to our own company and product.

Here are the top seven insights we discovered at TOPO Sales Summit 2016:

1. Account Based Everything (ABE)

Teams within companies should be aligned on how to provide the most value to the customer. Personalize your messaging and value prop to individual personas.

The Talkdesk angle: Our advanced cloud-based call center software enables agents and reps to view comprehensive contact information and history for inbound and outbound calling. Take it one step further with business tool integrations and ABE becomes a snap for sales, success and support teams.

2. Automation

Using technology to automate tasks can eliminate simple yet time-consuming duties to free up time for salespeople to do what they do best – sell!

The Talkdesk angle: Customize automated workflows to optimize efficiency on your sales team. Configure events to trigger other events within Talkdesk or between Talkdesk and other business tools.

3. Always Be Growing (ABG)

Plan for growth by hiring SDRs who will do more than just make great AEs. Think about the longterm health of your company and hire people who have the potential to be leaders.

The Talkdesk angle: Preparing for growth isn’t only about making good hiring decisions. Smart companies invest in software that can grow with them. Talkdesk call center software is easily customizable and cloud-based. It’s almost too easy to scale!

4. Data-Driven Decisions

Metrics can be used to help all aspects of a sales organization. Data can help determine ICP, set goals for SDRs, guide hiring decisions, speed onboarding, assess the overall health of your company, etc.

The Talkdesk angle: Our software offers comprehensive historical and real-time reporting with Talkdesk Live. Analyze and respond to KPIs in the moment.

5. Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Successful companies take the time to clearly define their ICP. ICP guides all decision-making from go-to-market strategy, sales processes and organizational design to hiring, messaging and sales plays.

The Talkdesk angle: Use Talkdesk’s comprehensive customer data to create an ICP. Sort contacts by type and collect data efficiently.

6. Multi-Touch Approach

Rome wasn’t built in a day and sales don’t close with one touch. Effective salespeople reach out and touch their leads repeatedly using a variety of different channels and thoughtful nurture tracks.

The Talkdesk angle: Keep marketing and sales on the same page with contact history. Integrate Talkdesk with a business tool to build out an omnichannel strategy.

7. One Screen

The most optimized sales process allows salespeople to live in a single interface. The less effort they put into technology, the more effort they can devote to sales.

The Talkdesk angle: Talkdesk cloud-based call center software integrates deeply and offers screen pops. Leverage our Talkdesk-Salesforce integration to have full call center functionality from within Salesforce.

In the end, TOPO Sales Summit 2016 taught us many things but also reminded us what we already knew:

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